"Not you again! I just tidied up!" The old librarian was there to greet us and, it was true, the place looked a little more organised. He was only joking around, but I did try to avoid knocking anything over.

"And who are your friends," placing a pile of books down next to him, he turned to face us; his blue eyes seemed even brighter then before.

"This is Faolan and Brianna." I said as the librarian shook Brianna's hand gently,

"Pleased to meet you Faolan," jokingly, he faced Brianna first, "and you must be Brianna?" as he turned to Faolan. I rolled my eyes whilst Brianna giggled and even Faolan managed a small smile. This man was different today, trying to be funny...What's put him in such a good mood?

"Oh yes, I'm Chancellor, the librarian, so if you need anything or looking for books, here's the place to be; I'm the man you need to know.

"There's another girl down by the history shelves, just about where you were earlier Ena. Don't know whether you were looking for her but I thought you'd like to know. Anyway, I better get on so, enjoy yourself." And he shuffled off with his pile of books once again, almost collapsing under the weight and his frail back. He was far too old to be working here, but then again, if Tristan could work here, so could he I guess.

We headed towards the history books to see what girl he was talking about and, as I thought, a drape of black hair shadowed her face from us. Angelica. Perhaps I should say hello, but Brianna beat me to it;

"Hey Ena, that's the girl who started around the same time as you did."

Angelica's head shot up at the sound of our voices, an angered expression on her face, but it turned to a small smile quickly.

"Hello." She said in a timid voice.

"Hello." I replied, though, once again, our conversation stopped there. Unfortunately, the book I was going to show Brianna and Faolan, the one that would at least help me explain why all the weird things were happening here, was being read by Angelica.

"Why you reading that?" Brianna asked Angelica before I could figure out our next move.

"Er…just picked it off the shelf." Trying to shut the book, Brianna was too quick for her and grabbed it, leaving it on the page that she was looking at. The one about Desdemona.

"Hey, this looks just like you!" Brianna looked shocked, well, really she looked like she was pretending to be shocked but I didn't really pick up on that. However, this look was soon replaced by an expression you put on when you've revealed someone's Christmas present. Was I not meant to know this?

However, I didn't get time to question this as Angelica snatched the book off Brianna, put it back on the shelf (rather aggressively) and shoved past us, disappearing down the aisle three shelves away.

"What?" That was all I could manage while Chancellor wandered over, obviously worried about the sudden commotion.

"Er…" Brianna murmured before Faolan butted in,

"That's Angelica's great, great, great, I don't know how many greats, grandmother. She gets a bit 'touchy' about the subject, so Brianna was wrong to bring it up. Before you ask, I don't know why." Faolan must have caught on about my constant questioning but, now I was about to be bombarded by questions. All of them.

"Right, what's going on at this school? I've had my head spun in circles since I first came here! Ever since I walked in it seems everyone's had it in for me. I've been warned about ghosts, shadows, night creatures…I'm even confused on reality. What's going on?!" I didn't realise how loud I'd been shouting, but by the looks on everyone's face, it was like I had blown them away. But adrenaline had blocked my ears and, really, I didn't care what they thought. I needed answers. I was going to get them one way or another, sometime or later, so what about now?

One person who didn't seem quite so lost for words was Chancellor.

"Well, they're demons. You all are…"