Where am I? It feels cold, and I can't move my body. It feels wet, am I underwater? Yeah, I am. But….it doesn't feel like the ocean or a pool. Nothing like that. What in the world is going on? I can hear the soft hum of some sort of machines…..

"So Professor, how is it doing today? Any progress, have any of them become stronger?" came a voice of a man.

"Test subjects 768 and 770 have ended up the same as all the others. Number 769 however is still hanging on. It's life signs are weak but stable. Nothing else to report Sir." Another voice came out.

"I see, then I want to be notified of any changes in Number 769 as soon as they occur. As for the other test subjects, do with them the same as all of the others. Maybe one day we will find use for those failures."

Voices? There are people around…..but I can't see them. My eyes are closed, but I can't seem to open them. My eyes slowly open just a little bit. Through glass and liquid I can see the silhouettes of lots of people but it's dark in this room, I can't make out any of the faces. Where in the world am I and what is going on…? I want…..out…Let me out…..I said LET ME OUT!

Tsukasa's eyes immediately shot open and he looked around only to see the darkness of his dorm room that was filled with a small amount of light from the moon outside the window through the blinds. He slowly sat up in his bed, the covers falling from his bare chest and pooling around his waist. There was a light throbbing in the front of his head. He placed the palm of his hand against his forehead and looked over at the small digital clock on his bedside table. The blue illuminated numbers read 4:00 A.M. He sighed and said to himself, "That dream again. Why do I keep having it? Before it was rare and always faint. Now it's so vivid. I really hate that dream."

Tsukasa then laid back down on to the bed and pulled the covers over his bare upper body, resting his head on the pillow. He had school the next morning and really hoped he could get back to sleep and have some peaceful dreams. That way he wouldn't be exhausted for school in the next few hours. He rested on his side with his medium length dark hair falling over his face a little bit. His blue eyes slowly closed as he whispered to himself, "I should really stop going to Kaoru's candy and sci-fi anime marathons." Sleep soon overtook Tsukasa once again.

Meanwhile on the other side of Tokyo, a young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes had broken in to a small office building and had made her way in to one of the rooms that had a rather large computer inside it. The girl wore black leather boots that ended right below her knees, a small pair of dark blue denim short shorts that showed off pretty much all of her long smooth creamy legs, and a black tubetop that clung to the subtle curves of her upper body. She walked slowly, cautiously, in to the room with a black handgun in her hands. She looked around to make sure no one else was around before she stepped up to the computer and turned the monitor on. She stood in front of the large desk structure with a built in keyboard. She brought one of her hands up to her ear where a small bluetooth device was. She clicked the small button and said softly, "It's me; I've made it in to the database room. Over."

She then pulled out a small electronic device which she connected to the large computer through a USB drive on the console. She then began to press a few buttons that made the screen on her device turn on and begin a process of downloading various data files. She once again touched her small headset and said, "It seems this thing the Prof. made works like a charm. Hopefully I'll be out of here in five minutes once I've finished downloading the data. Over."

"Affirmative Ms. Hotpants. Once you're finished, get out of there and come on back to Big Daddy at base. Over." said a voice in her ear from the headset.

The girl rolled her sapphire blue eyes and ran a hand through her shoulder length blonde hair. "Quit using your stupid code names. And my pants are none of your business." She said as she looked down at the device in her hand.

"Have I ever told you that you're too serious Ai? You should loosen up a little bit. Oh and there's barely any of your pants to begin with." The voice said once again with a sarcastic laugh.

"Hmph, I can relax and loosen up once we've ran all of Animus out of our country." She replied sternly.

"Well whether or not you want to, you're going to be getting some time off on your next assignment. The professor thinks that he's finally found him." The voice said.

The girl's eyes widened, "Him! You mean… he's found the one we've been looking for?" She asked a little excitedly. She then heard her device make a small beep and looked down seeing it had finished. She quickly disconnected it from the computer and was leave. But that was when an alarm began to go off throughout the building. "What the? Oh damn it! They must have had security we didn't know about. I'm cutting the transmission." She said as she turned off the headset and ran to the door but stopped when she sensed guards coming down the hall. She quickly opened the door and then turned to see three men in security guard's uniforms, all armed with automatic weapons, running at her.

Before the guards could react, the blonde girl shot off a few rounds. Once they had been wounded she ran the opposite way down the hall and turned the corner just before several rounds of assault rifle bullets began flying through the air and hitting the opposite wall. She reached behind her and pulled out a flash grenade. She quickly pulled the pin and threw it around the corner where the men were pursuing her. Once she saw a bright flash out of her peripheral vision she continued to race to the exit as more guards began to chase her. She ran to the exit, throwing the doors open and firing off rounds as she ran. She ran in to an alley where an open manhole was and dived in without a second thought, and quickly closed the lid from over her head. She knew that wouldn't stop them but it would give her enough time to lose them in the maze of tunnels underneath the city.

I look around and see nothing but vast grassland but something is very very wrong. On the ground there are countless men lying in the grass dead. Blood is everywhere and the air is filled with its thick smell. What in the world happened? They're in uniforms and have weapons in their hands or lying close to their corpses. A battlefield? But….if this is a battlefield then where is the other army that did all of this.

Oh God! The smell of all the bodies….it's horrible. And…..in my head….I can hear them screaming…..all of them…did I watch this happen? Am I a soldier….? Or….did I…

Tsukasa's eyes shot open and he looked around once again. Seeing that he was still in his dorm room and the sun was shining through the blinds he groaned and swung his legs down over the side and stood up to get ready for school.

About half an hour later Tsukasa was sitting at his desk in uniform, waiting for class to begin with his head lying on his desk. The school's uniform was pretty normal; the boys all wore blue slacks with white collared button up shirts and light blue striped ties. The girls all wore white blouses with light blue checkered skirts with matching ties just like the boys and knee high dark blue socks.

The students in the class room were grouped together, standing and sitting around talking about one thing or another. Tsukasa looked out through the window as he tried to rest up a little bit before class started. He heard footsteps behind him and an all familiar voice say, "Morning Tsukasa, how's it going buddy?"

Tsukasa looked up and his good friend Kaoru standing over his desk. Kaoru was a slim built guy with short brown hair and glasses. "What's up man? Stay up late last night doing unmentionable hormone driven things?" Kaoru joked sarcastically as he sat down on the desk next to Tsukasa.

"Not even close. I think your candy and anime parties are starting to take their toll on my mental state though." Tsukasa said in a monotone yet sarcastic voice.

"Oh c'mon! You know you have fun. And besides, what in the heck are you talking about?" Kaoru asked his friend as he placed his backpack underneath his desk.

"I just had really weird dreams last night. I couldn't get any good sleep." Tsukasa told him as he sat back in his chair.

"Aww, is my Tsuka-kun having bad dreams?" Came a soft sweet voice from behind Tsukasa. He looked over his shoulder to see another one of his close friends, Yukari. Yukari was a very pretty cheerful girl with a bright smile. She had long light sky blue hair and light green eyes. She had a figure that most guys and girls considered perfect. She was also their class rep. "If you're having nightmares Tsuka-kun then you can dream about me! That would make all your dreams wonderful, don't you think?"

Tsukasa laughed a little and said, "Yeah sure, but don't you think that you already have enough guys dreaming about you on a regular basis? And quit calling me Tsuka-kun!"

"Aww but I love calling you Tsuka-kun! I'll never stop!" Yukari replied sticking her tongue out at him playfully, "Anyways, what were your dreams about Tsuka-kun?"

"Umm, I don't exactly remember. They weren't really nightmares, just weird. Although they weren't enjoyable in the least." Tsukasa explained as he looked out the window again. He had lied, he did remember them quite well, it was just that he didn't want to talk about them to his friends. They disturbed him enough as is. He figured no good would come out of freaking them out as well.

"Aww you're no fun today! Anyways I expect you both to show up today for club activities, you better not ditch like yesterday! That's an order from the club president!" Yukari said in a stern voice as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"But every day we just sit there and never get anything done! Not that I'm complaining about that but it just seems like we should be more active." Kaoru pointed out since he was usually the one who was the cause of Tsukasa and himself skipping.

"No objections you two! Besides, how are we supposed to do anything without the two of you there?" Yukari replied and then added looking at Tsukasa with a grin, "Don't forget Tsuka-kun, without me you wouldn't even be in this school or have a place to live! You better not go against me!"

Tsukasa gulped and asked, "Isn't that called blackmail?"

"Yep!" Yukari said with a playful wink. That was when the teacher then entered the classroom as the bells rang signaling the beginning of class, her apple red hair flowing behind her.

The teacher, Ms. Ibiki gave a usual morning greeting and then said, "Everyone, before we begin I would like to introduce a new transfer student from Osaka." She then motioned for someone standing in the doorway to walk in.

The girl had shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. She stood in front of the class and with a bow said, "Hello, my name is Ai Nakayama. I'm pleased to meet all of you."

Ms. Ibiki then assigned Ai to the desk in the middle of the class towards the front. A lot of the guys were talking about her pretty looks but Tsukasa was wondering why the girl seemed to keep staring at him as she walked to her desk. What Tsukasa couldn't figure out was the expression on her face. It wasn't happy or angry. It just seemed like her eyes were going straight through him. But it was subtle and once they had made eye contact she had looked away right after.

Tsukasa thought he was the only one to notice but was proven wrong when he heard Yukari whisper in to his ear. "Well well, you're a smooth operator Tsuka-chan! Made a cute girl fall for you in just one glace. How charming!"

Tsukasa rolled his eyes and looked back at her and replied, "Don't say things like that. Be serious for once." He made sure to keep his voice down so that he didn't attract the attention of the teacher. Ms. Ibiki then started the class as usual, telling everyone to open their books to some page and begin taking notes as she read from the text and made comments and observations, occasionally asking a question to one of the students. She usually called on those who seemed to not be paying any attention.

When the lunch hour finally arrived, the class split up in to the various friend groups like they always did. Tsukasa and Kaoru went to the vending machines and bought a couple of cans of juice and some bread then headed up to the roof where they always ate. They sat on the ground and leaned against the protective chain link fence that surrounded the roof's perimeter. Kaoru took a bite out of the bread he was holding and between chewing asked, "So, what should we do after school Tsukasa?" Kaoru waited a few moments for a response then repeated the question. Once again he received no response so he looked over to see Tsukasa looking out through the fence towards the city. Kaoru frowned a little and exclaimed, "Hello? Anyone in there?"

Tsukasa looked up and then saw Kaoru and asked, "Ummm, sorry what were you saying?"

"I was asking what we should do after school. Man, you seem off today. What's the deal?" Kaoru asked as he took a drink of his juice can.

"Why would you ask that? You heard Yukari, we're going to the club meeting or else. And I was just thinking….isn't it weird that this entire country is now under the control of a corporation?" Tsukasa asked as he looked back out on the city. It was the same city it was before the Animus corporation assumed authority but at it also wasn't the same at all.

"Well….yeah I guess so. But then again, you know they say things are better now. They say people are happier and things are more peaceful." Kaoru replied as they ate.

Tsukasa took a drink from the can he was holding then looked down at it for a few moments in thought before he said, "Yeah….they certainly do say that. But what about the Japanese terrorists? They were in the newspaper today; apparently they broke in to one of the Animus buildings last night. Some people are saying they stole financial information and others are saying they planted bombs or something like that. They definitely are not happy with the way things are. If anything they're pissed."

"Yeah, I suppose you're right. But they're crazy to go against Animus, they're one of the biggest powers in the entire world...well aside from the Chinese that is." Kaoru replied. After that the two of them continued to have small talk and finish their lunch.

Meanwhile, Ai had slipped out of the classroom once the lunch hour had begun. She had walked in to the hallway and looked around, relieved that no one was around. She then slipped quietly in to one of the vacant classrooms and pulled out her cell phone. She hit one of the speed dials and then put it up to her ear while waiting for an answer. "Hello?" said the voice of a man on the other end.

"Professor Yamada, it's me." Ai said simply.

"Ai, you shouldn't use my name, you know that. You never know who might be listening in. So how is it going? Have you located the target?" The man on the phone asked.

"Umm yes, actually I have. It tuns out that we're in the same class." Ai answered as she pulled out a small snap shot taken of Tsukasa in front of the school sometime before. "That's actually why I was calling Professor. Are you sure he is the one we've been looking for? Why in the world would he go in to hiding at a high school?"

"You tell me Ai, just look at the resemblance. Either this is the one we've been looking for or he has a twin, which I know for a fact is not the case." The man reassured her.

Ai looked back down at the photograph for a few moments then said, "If you say so, it's just that in person he puts off a pretty normal vibe to me, nothing like I was expecting."

"That may be, but for now just try to get closer to the target, more will be revealed with time. Oh, and Ai, try to enjoy yourself while you're in school. You deserve some normal experiences." The man on the phone said.

Ai smiled a little and nodded even though she was on the phone. "Alright, I'll do that. I'll be keeping in touch and give regular reports." She said then ended the phone call and stashed her phone away.

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