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Chapter 5 Tsukasa's Death

Professor Yamada and Ai watched as Tsukasa rushed past them in a panic. Jin, Satsuki, and Shino heard all the commotion from outside the room and came rushing inside. "Professor! Ai! What happened? Are you two ok?" He asked as he looked around and saw that Tsukasa was nowhere to be found. "Wait, where did the kid go? What was going on in here?" He asked concerned.

The professor sighed and slowly stood up from the chair he was sitting in and said, "Tsukasa ran out. He allowed Ai to try and return his memories to him. It seemed to have worked but the rush of so much shocking memories has had a strong effect on him. I should have foreseen this."

Shino huffed and exclaimed, "Oh great! So you're telling me you actually reminded that psycho what he is and then just let him go! What the hell!"

"We didn't just let him go! Everything just happened so fast. But that doesn't matter now! We have to go find him!" Ai insisted.

"Yeah, you're right. He could now be a real threat to civilians so we need to take him out." Shino said then walked over to a wooden crate by the wall and pulled out an assault rifle.

"No damn it! We have to find him and bring him back, not kill him! Oh screw it I'm going myself!" Ai said and ran out to try and track Tsukasa down in the city.

"But Ai!" Satsuki started to protest but was stopped by Jin and Professor Yamada held up his hand in denial.

"Satsuki, I know you're worried about AI but I think it is actually best that she goes alone. What would happen if all of you went out with guns and tried to track him down like an animal? What would his reaction be to that?" Yamada explained.

Meanwhile elsewhere in the city, in a large building owned by Animus, a man in a business suit was sitting at his desk in a chair and looking out the large windows that took up the entire outer wall of his office. He was Alfonse Montague, a high ranking executive of the Animus Corporation. Specifically he was placed in charge of security in that region of Japan. While deep in thought he heard a knock on the wooden double doors to his office. "Come." He said simply then turned in his chair to face the door.

A subordinate walked in enthusiastically and said, "Mr. Montague, we've found them! Intel has found where the terrorists are hiding. What will you have us do? Should we dispatch a unit?"

Alfonse smiled at the news and waved the suggestion away. "That won't be necessary, those Japanese terrorist trash are not worth sending out our own men to take care of them." He said in a calm, cultured voice.

"Then what would you have us do Sir?" The subordinate asked confused.

Alfonse smirked and his eyes narrowed as he said in a low tone, "Let the fiends have them. And send in a cleanup crew afterwards."

Tsukasa was in agony as he ran out of the warehouse and went as far away as he possibly could from people. He didn't want to be around anyone that he could possibly hurt. Both of his hands gripped the top of his head, his hair tangled in his fingers. No matter what he did, the memories continued to play out in his mind. The memories of carnage and bloodshed, memories of killing countless innocent people, all in the name of Animus and conquest. But at the time none of that mattered, there was joy in bringing chaos.

Tsukasa found himself in a small park with lots of trees, it was the only place he could find in the densely populated city that seemed void of other people. He had ran in to the isolation on a paved walkway and once he was in the heart of the park he collapsed to the ground on his hands and knees. His hands and arms were shaking and his eyes were squeezed shut. He could feel a few tears dropping from the corners of his eyes and on to the backs of his hands. "I…I'm sorry…..I'm so sorry…" He muttered to no one. Even though the pain of guilt racked every inch of his body, it didn't matter. It didn't matter how sorry he felt, nothing he could ever do would ever make up for all the people he killed, all the lives he destroyed.

Tsukasa opened his eyes and slowly rose to his feet. He walked over to a nearby decorative fountain and cupped some water in his hands and splashed it in to his face. He then looked down in to the water and saw his reduction. He noticed his eyes had changed color from blue in to a blood like red. He gasped and struck out at the reflection and shook his head. He looked back down to see that his eyes had returned to their normal color, which made him wonder if he had just imagined it. Was he now going crazy? He then wondered, and hoped, that maybe this was just a horrible dream that he would soon awaken from. He hoped to God that he would soon wake up in his bed. "Tsukasa." He heard a soft voice say which made his eyes widen and he jumped up in surprise.

Tsukasa looked up to see Ai standing a few feet away from him; she looked concerned and sad for some reason. "Ai! Get away from me! Please leave." He begged and slowly backed away from her. He was afraid, afraid that if he was near anyone that he would hurt them.

"Tsukasa…I'm so sorry." Ai began as she looked down at the ground for a moment before looking back at him, her green eyes locked with his blue ones. "I didn't think giving you back some of your memories would do this to you."

"Ai, you have to get away from me! You have no idea what kind of monster I am, all the horrible things I've done. I don't want to hurt you." Tsukasa insisted and was about ready to turn and run.

Ai shook her head and persisted, "I'm not going anywhere Tsukasa, and I know. I know about your past and all the things you did back then. "Ai began and started to walk closer to him slowly, "But I also know you Tsukasa. Even though we haven't known each other very long, I know that you are no monster. I've been inside your mind and I know that you are not the same person who did all those horrible things so long ago. You're different now."

"You can't be sure of that Ai. What if I have only been the way I have because I didn't remember who I was before? I remember all of these things, and they are things that only a monster could ever be possible of doing." Tsukasa told her.

Ai sighed a little then smiled a bit and said, "Well if that's what you really think then prove it." She challenged as she walked up to him, standing right in front of him only a few inches away. "If you really think you're such a monster then why don't you kill me, if you want?"

"Please Ai, don't joke around like that!" Tsukasa protested. He didn't understand why this girl was so persistent, why she couldn't leave him. He also didn't understand how she couldn't be terrified of him, he knew he was.

"It's no joke." She told him then calmly closed her eyes and said, "Go ahead, I'm giving myself to you. I'm unarmed. So if you are such a horrible demon then go ahead and do it. Prove me wrong." Ai waited patiently with her eyes closed, she waited for him to do something. But nothing happened; they simply stood there together in silence. A few moments later Ai opened her eyes and looked up at him with a small smile, "Do you see? You are you. Even though you did a lot of horrible things, it isn't your fault. The you that did those things isn't the one who is standing here now in front of me, you aren't the same in here." She told him as she placed the palm of her hand in the center of his chest.

"Ai…please. Take it back, take it all back. I don't want these memories anymore. I am of no use to you or your friends so just please let me go back to the way I was." Tsukasa requested.

Ai shook her head and said, "I'm sorry Tsukasa, I would if I could but I don't have that ability. I can't make you forget. But if it makes you feel any better, I can tell you about something you may not remember yet. About the first time that we met."

Tsukasa blinked a little in confusion, "The first time we met? What?"

Ai nodded and continued, "Ten years ago, when Animus took over Japan. I was a little girl when all of that happened. One day their forces came through our neighborhood and two of those monsters, the fiends, broke in to my family's house through a window. Those horrible monsters killed my mother and father, and they were going to kill me. I was terrified, curled up in the corner of a room while they got closer. And just when I thought I was a goner you showed up. I don't know if it was out of boredom or maybe you just didn't like fiends, but you killed those two monsters like it was nothing, and left me unharmed. You see Tsukasa, you saved my life."

Tsukasa couldn't believe the story Ai had just told him, "I….I don't remember any of that. With all the vivid faces of everyone I hurt, I don't remember anything like that at all. I can't believe you."

"That's probably because I wasn't able to reconstruct all of your memories. Some of them are still locked inside your mind. I guess that is one of them that is still locked away." Ai explained.

"I see, well I think I'd like to leave it that way. I don't think I can take anymore." He told her as he looked away.

"I really am sorry Tsukasa." She said again, "Please, come back with me. The professor can help you, I just know it. It's ok if you decide to not help us, but you can't go on like this."

Tsukasa sighed in defeat and nodded then asked, "You really don't know how to take no for an answer do you?"

"Nope, never have and never will." Ai replied with a small playful grin.

After that, Tsukasa and Ai made their way back to the warehouse where the resistance group was hiding out. It was only a few moments after they had reentered the building and were about to rejoin everyone else when they heard the sounds of whirling rotor blades that could have only belonged to some sort of helicopter. At that moment everyone became on alert and many of the members of the resistance group grabbed a hold of whatever weapons that was in arms reach. Most of them had either a handgun or had grabbed a submachine gun from nearby that they had bought off the black market. Satsuki had taken hold of a sniper rifle while Ai had grabbed her handgun. However there weren't many people to begin with. There was Ai, Satsuki, Shino, Jin, Professor Yamada, and a few others.

Being the leader, Jin told everyone to calm down but prepare then instructed some of the members to close and lock the entrances, the doors and the large metal shipment door used by trucks for loading and unloading things. Once everything was locked down they dimmed down the lights as the sound of the copter outside persisted. "It couldn't be, there is no way Animus found us." Shino said as he climbed up on to a crate that was against a wall to look out a small window to the outside.

"Shino….what's going on? What do you see?" Jin asked in a whisper. Curious of what was going on and needed to know so that he could quickly decide what they should do. If it was nothing at all then it would be just fine, however if there truly was the police or the Animus forces coming for them then their only options would be to fight or to flee. Jin began to think the options through in his head. The building did have access to the abandoned subway tunnels, which was how Tsukasa had been brought there. They could use the few cars they had to escape. The tunnels were how they usually moved from one area or another. Jin believed that was the reason why they had been able to evade detection like they did. Of course it wasn't as if they were most wanted criminals or anything, they were small time.

Shino looked over his shoulder down at Jin and replied, "I don't know. They lowered some sort of metal containers out in front of the warehouse." Jin informed them as he looked back out the window at the large strange grey metal boxes that had been lowered from carriers via cables. They were similar to shipping containers except smaller, about half the size. Jin's eyes then widened as doors on the containers slowly slide open mechanically. "Oh shit! There's something inside!" He exclaimed.

"Shino get down from there, don't be spotted." Jin ordered then looked over at Ai and Tsukasa who were standing close in the dim light behind him. "Alright listen you two; I want you both to get the Professor out of her through the subway tunnels." He instructed then looked at everyone else. "Everyone else stay put and keep it quiet. We'll wait to see what's happening."

Ai was about to protest and refuse to leave everyone but before she could speak a syllable a banging sound was heard. Everyone looked over at the large shipment door, from which the sound was coming from; something was banging on it outside. This banging continued as large dents were being hammered in to the thin metal door. Then without warning long blade looking appendage stabbed right through the metal of the door and then began to cut in to it making a hole. They could then hear strange grumbling noises, almost animal like, coming from outside. That was when a large claw like hand pushed through the hole in the door and began to actually tear and rip the metal open and apart.

With the door torn apart everyone inside the warehouse saw before them several large pale skinned creatures standing before them, fiends. The creatures all stood at least six foot tall each; they looked humanoid and stood on two legs. But their bodies were pale and pasty in color. On one arm there were large clawed hands with long sharp nail like claws; on the other arm though there were blade like bone appendages that started at the forearm. They had blood red eyes and their mouths all hung open with long sharp teeth and long tongues that had saliva going down their chins.

"Fiends…" Ai said in shock, she couldn't believe they would actually set fiends lose in the city. Her hands started to shake a little with her gun in hand. She shook it off though and steadied herself as she looked down the crosshairs of her barrel, pointing it at the monsters that had spotted the humans and were starting to lurk toward them slowly, like predators after cornering their prey.

"Damn it! Everyone go down in to the tunnels and evacuate. There's no telling how many of these things they still have coming." Jin said as he saw behind the fiends that more were walking out of the containers that had transported them there. They were able to kill fiends, but they took a lot to put down and they were outnumbered. With that everyone started firing at the monsters as they slowly backed away to try and go through the office part of the warehouse and in to the basement level where they could escape. The bullets hitting the fiends only seemed to anger the monsters as they let out a screech like roar and then started to close in and run towards their prey.

Tsukasa watched, his eyes widened by the appearance of the fiends. He felt in the back of his memory that he had seen these creatures like these before, long ago. However the memory was vague. He then saw as several of the creatures started rushing faster towards the resistance members. One of the people shooting a handgun tripped as he was backing away too fast and fell to the floor. Shino and Ai both stopped and tried to help him but one of the fiends was practically on top of them ready to kill.

Tsukasa's eyes then quickly spotted a small handgun on top of one of the wooden crates near him. Had he ever used a gun before? Did he even know how to use one? He couldn't remember and he didn't know; but what he did know was that he had to do something. Without thinking twice he grabbed a hold of the pistol by the handle in no time at all had perfect aim at the creature and fired off a round that landed right in the fiends head that let out a low annoyed growl and then looked over at Tsukasa. "C'mon, come get me you ugly bastard!" He exclaimed and fired off a few more shots. For a moment the fiends stopped and all stared at Tsukasa, he was different from the rest in some way. He had a different sort of scent. The fiend that Tsukasa had shot then let out a roar and rushed at him. Tsukasa hadn't been expecting the large creature to move so fast.

Then in the blink of an instant the fiend had run its blade like arm right through Tsukasa's body, running him through right where his right arm met his shoulder in the chest. Tsukasa's body had been picked off its feet and pinned against the wall as blood flowed out through the large wound. Tsukasa gasped for air and tried to cry out but he found that his voice didn't come out, only air. He felt his body go limp as his head rolled forward and the life slipped away from his eyes. In his chest he could feel his heart getting slower and slower. Thump...thump…thump…..thump…thu-mp…..

Ai and the rest watched, it had all happened so fast. "Tsukasa….." Ai muttered in a hushed voice.

"It's….impossible…." Yamada said in a disbelieving tone. He had never thought he would see what he helped to create be killed so easily. But then the professor thought he saw something that made him blink and look closer. It looked as if one of Tsukasa's hands had twitched a little.

The fiend that had ran Tsukasa through sensed something different and looked up just in time to see Tsukasa's hand shoved right in to its chest and then be thrown clear across the room, rolling on to the floor. Tsukasa's head was still down when his feet touched the floor after he had knocked the fiend away; his shirt was covered in blood from the large stab wound that had gone all the way through. He took a step forward and then slowly looked up and opened his eyes. Once again they had turned from blue to red. The fiends all looked up at Tsukasa once more as he slowly walked forward towards them with an emotionless look on his face. He then looked over to his side and saw something the resistance group had kept around as a symbol. It was one of the kinds of katana the Japanese had used in the war to fight off Animus years ago. Tsukasa grabbed a hold of the sheath and then slowly drew the blade out as he stared at the fiends before him.

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