He holds her so gently -

Like glass, she's trembling.

Ready to fall, crash and shatter

But she won't. Because he'll catch her.

He smoothes down her hair, tangling his fingers

In the knotted curls. His fingertips trace

Away the tears, drying on her face.


And he whispers to her, words

That spark through her veins, like fire,

Only... They don't burn, only warm.

Her lips are dry and they tremble,

With words she yearns to, but cannot say.

They fade from her lips, she shakes and

He pulls her close. She sighs, takes his hand.


It's all that's needed, he doesn't want to hear

The words are ghosts he knows are there.

He doesn't have to see them.

But she wants to say them, and they're written

In her tears. Desperation flows through her veins.

She needs to speak, but the sound won't come –

Like dark clouds, smothering sun.


And she grips his hand, there are tears; she cries -

Heaving shuddering, broken, ragged sighs.

And then she breathes in once, and looks in his eyes.


Because sometimes a breath is all you have.

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