Farewell Speech

I can't do this anymore

I've tried for a whole year and have gotten nowhere

I haven't done anything terribly wrong have I? Be honest.

You come as a package: Father, Son, Holy Spirit and the Lump that buries

Itself in my chest causing me to gasp for air whilst trying to hold back tears

Which threaten to emerge randomly

This constant agony isn't going to stop no matter what I do

It's alright; this hasn't been for nothing because now I understand

I no longer blame You for this, this was a mess up on my part

I'm not angry with You either because deep down even I

Know You cannot be blamed and

Believe it or not I've learned a lot

The best two lessons you've taught me

Never answer Your call

Never cross paths with any god

I've learnt to accept myself as something of no value

That's not too bad because I've never really considered myself

To be of very much worth You've only reinforced that

Hopefully now I won't have to worry so much about the sin of pride

I'll be alright now, I'm returning to a happier past, a time when I was agnostic

A time when I couldn't have cared less about God or religion

Let me teach you something

If you were to focus just for a day on anything but me

If you were to avert your eyes from me and wish to forget me

Then You shall and I speak from experience

Although that was an accident and I didn't actually want to forget this person

But that's a completely different story

I beg you to try it – I want You to forget me

I'm going to abandon and forget about You now willingly

So, you're simply returning the deed

Thank you for introducing yourself to me

Jesus, I've got nothing against You

Only the fact that I think You're a bit of a fool for doing what You did

Like I said I'm leaving you simply because I'm not happy following You

Like some unwanted dead weight or some

Dirty, disease covered, foul animal.

You are the definition of incredible and I am amazed at the things you do

To people as well as horrified.

But there's no place for me in Church or within Your "heart"

I get it and frankly, I'm glad at that as well as sad

It's high time that I gathered my belongings and walked away

I had a severely tainted image of You from the start

Me leaving was inevitable and

Anyway You should be happy this burden is walking away willingly itself

The last thing You need is another filthy animal clinging relentlessly to You

And trust me, if I ever allowed myself to cling to You or to accept

Certain teachings I will make You regret creating me because

I will not let You go through good times and especially bad times

I'm doing you a favour by saying