I had no real interest in tellin a story here; my main goal was to practice setting up mood and atmosphere. Read it. Review it. Now.


Part 1: The Date

Quiet. Darkness. It was Friday night in downtown Rosshart.

The eerie lighting of the moon made everything duller, monochrome, ominous. It gave a new life to everything it touched: A dead, leafless tree was now the skeletal mutilated claw of a massive monster, buried alive and still reaching for freedom. The lamps weakly lighting the pavement became glaring glowing groggy yellow eyes on black stalks; like those of a snail, blinking sleepily as a couple walked their way through. The lamps flickered, and went out as abruptly as a blown match with their passing. Neither seemed to notice. The male of the pair said something unintelligible, and the girl trilled something in reply. The wind began to pick up, alternating between lengthy moans and disjointed howls.

"It's so cold..."

"Let me help with that."

A giggle. "Much better, thank you."

"How'd you like the movie?"

"It was boring. I was staring at you, mostly."


"I'm serious, you—"



"You okay?"

"Yeah. Stupid crack...Are you okay, Fell? You don't look so good."

"...Huh...You're b-bleeding."

"You feel faint? It's alright. Just back away, I have a Band-aid!"


"Why are you looking at me like that?"

A low, guttural sound scraped out of a hungry throat.


It was too dark to see. The only bright lights were twin dots of red—the girl's glowing red eyes—flying forward as she lunged at her date.

A scream of pain rode the freezing wind as it blasted by and made the tree-hand twitch.

So...did I accomplish my goal?

Y'all have a nice day.