Josie Ford smiled at her reflection and twirled around one more time. Her black hair curled around her pale face and the low rider jeans showed off her figure perfectly. She dropped a lipstick into her bag and hurried downstairs. A tall, willowy blonde was leaning against the banister, drumming her fingers on the wall.

"It's Miss Punctuality 2011! How the Hell are we tonight?" Lauren Jones slapped her hands against her cheeks in an exaggerated gesture of shock before spinning on her heel and storming from the house. Josie swallowed before locking the door and following Lauren to a waiting Vauxhall Astra. The red head behind the wheel looked well and truly pissed off as Josie and Lauren climbed into the car.

"It's about frigging time" spat Daniella Davarow; she crunched the gears and swung the car into traffic. Josie held on for dear life as Danni took a corner at almost 60mph and slid to a halt outside another house were a petite brunette was waiting. Holly East jumped into the back beside Josie and turned very pale when Danni moved the car again.

Josie checked her watch and frowned; she leaned over and whispered to Holly.

"We're not late. What are they on today?" Holly smiled and shrugged before turning to stare out of the window.

The club was full, but it was just after ten and most of the people there would go on into town in a while. Josie paid for her drink at the bar and crossed the dance floor to their usual dark corner. Danni was sitting bolt upright in her seat and glaring at a couple who were jigging about to the music; she suddenly slammed her glass onto the table and almost snarled. Holly nearly spilled her Coke; she moved away from Danni and sat next to Josie.

"What the fuck are they doing here? Slumming it with the freaks!" cried Danni. Josie followed her gaze and sighed. The two people in question were Ernest Fraser and Natalie Fowler. They were the richest, best looking, most confident people in town and Danni hated them for it.

"What are they doing here?" Danni repeated.

"Doing a little dance, making a little love . . . Getting down tonight?" asked Josie, Danni ignored her and continued to glare at the couple.

"Why does she do this to herself? They can't help who their parents are" muttered Lauren. Josie shrugged, Danni was just Danni and they were more then used to her now. Holly stepped away from the edge of the dance floor as a huge group of girls hurried past; she just caught snatches of their conversation as they rushed for the stairs.

"I heard one girl fainted . . ."

"He's just that handsome . . ."

"This I gotta see . . ."

All the heads in the room seemed to swivel at the same time; they all looked up at the balcony as a figure stepped into view. A collective gasp rippled across the room. The man was tall and muscular, he was dressed all in black and had thick, white blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. His eyes were so bright they seemed to glow in the gloom; he descended the stairs and walked across to the four friends.

"Hello ladies. My name's Natas Linoge, would you care to dance?" Lauren, Holly, Danni and Josie stared at him, their mouths hanging open. Danni seemed to be struggling with words when Holly surprised them all by smiling and putting her drink on the table.

"We'd love to. Come on girls" she said, grabbing her friends and leading them to the floor.

All eyes were on them as they danced with the handsome stranger. Natas Linoge didn't leave any of them out and none of them felt the need to keep him to themselves. The music seemed to go on forever and the people around them became nothing more than blurs. Danni was the first to feel dizzy, she swayed slightly and Natas gripped her shoulder before pressing his hand to her neck. Danni's eyes flew open, his touch burned.

"I can help you all" he whispered, Natas' voice was smooth and silky. Danni looked up and found that Lauren and Josie were gazing up at him too; Holly was wide eyed and seemed to be in shock.

"I can help you take everything they have for yourselves." Natas flicked his gaze towards where Natalie and Ernest stood laughing in a corner. Danni was the first to speak.

"What do we do?" He grinned, showing a row of sharp teeth. The girls stepped backwards, clinging to eachother. Someone screamed. It took a moment to realize for them to realize that it was Josie. She screamed and screamed, Danni and Lauren followed her gaze and they began to scream too.

"His feet! What happened to his feet?" cried Josie. Holly gasped as her neck burned, her friends gripped their necks too and suddenly the room became unbearably hot. Other people began to scream as flames erupted from every corner, they ran for the exit. Lauren, Josie, Danni and Holly slipped to the ground.