Josie, Danni and Lauren were all behaving strangely. They kept complimenting eachother and smiled all the time. Holly sat on the sofa and just watched them, she couldn't think of a thing to say. When the phone rang, she knew what was coming. But since she didn't want anything, Natas didn't have anything to offer. Danni answered the phone, her face went slack and her eyes glazed as she listened. Josie and Lauren gathered around the handset too. After a moment, they turned to Holly and smiled.

"We have to go now and you need to come with us" said Lauren. Holly nodded and slipped her jacket on; she sighed and followed them out to the car. What was the point of refusing? She stared out of the window as the buildings became familiar and they pulled up behind the club where they had met Natas Linoge. He was waiting for them, a small smile on his face. A weird buzzing sound filled the car, Holly fought against it but she slipped unconscious and fell sideways.

Holly opened her eyes and groaned. She struggled to sit up and closed her eyes against the wave of dizziness that rushed over her. A strangled cry came from her left; Holly opened her eyes and gasped. Lauren was laying in a lifeless heap on the concrete floor, her eyes wide and frozen. Josie was cowering in a corner, tears streaming down her face. In the middle of the dance floor stood Natas Linoge and Danni, his hands were around her throat. A thick, white smoke was flowing from her mouth and into Natas'. She went limp in his grasp and he let her drop to the floor. Natas turned to Holly and smiled, his eyes glowing a bright red. Suddenly, his hands were around her throat. Holly gagged as a cloud of thick, black smoke spewed from her mouth. Natas jumped backwards, coughing and spluttering.

"You . . . What are you?" he stammered. Holly's face changed; all the shyness and uncertainty were gone, her eyes seemed to glow and slight rides formed on her brow.

"I was wondering when you'd notice. You're getting slow, old man." Natas gaped at her; she stepped closer and placed her lips against his ear.

"I've spent a long time with these girls and I'm not going to let you swoop in and just take what's mine. Go home or I'll tell the boss you're using his name to impress girls." Natas gulped and vanished in a whoosh of flames. Holly turned to Josie, her mouth parted in a fanged grin.

"You have something I need." Josie screamed as Holly fastened her hands around her throat and sucked out her soul.