I close my eyes and the fireworks fire rockets into my brain
My body falls to pieces
needle-hammers in my knees
chisel in my elbows
Sunlight plays rays over my face but I don't understand
it's not summer here
I will write my words on the windowpanes and freeze them
with my father's glare
I will have roses and not apologize
there is so much to mourn
If you pull a mask over my face I won't forget how much I loved the stars and
The fireplace will lead me back to the place I once called home
and can't anymore
I will revel in the white hot heat of the world being invented
and destroyed
We will play Russian roulette with pretty words
that don't mean a thing
Tell me a future I want to believe in tell me everything
I want to hear the lies
Speak me to nonsense and ask gibberish if I make an ounce of sense
If I do hang me on the walls like a portrait.
Lifeless, like a cheap print of a Picasso
where the colors are faded into a ghost with its hands outstretched
and begging to be art
I sense that sensibility has nothing to do with pain or love
and naught to do with me
Break me in two and lay me on the mantle
where your stockings hang on winter's eve
Fill my cup with lies you would burn saints for and dear remember
The heart is a heavy burden to bear so take mine with care
and don't stop to rest
We've got galaxies to go yet and love will only weigh me down
Do you hear me lover,
do you hear me lover,
do you hear me lover
Love will only weigh us down