A.N. - I love the hidden track on AFI's album Sing the Sorrow, so I used it as the title and the subject matter of the poem. The narrator is the other party in the song, and her side of the pain of a broken relationship.

This Time Imperfect

What is it that chokes you,
and why must you run from it?
I will always be here for you,
to assist you in any way.
But you do not see this.

I have given you your demands,
at least what I thought they were.
You fling them against the wall,
and the act tears me apart inside.
But you do not see this.

I have seen your depths and heights
and have backed down from neither.
For you I spend my restless nights
in a bed you refuse to share.
But you do not see this.

I wanted this to work; so did you,
but the fates have intervened.
For I see the unbalance in you,
the hurt wanting to claw free.
But you do not see this.

It is you who breaks before me,
and I have to be the strong one.
We part, unamicably, silent,
your head never turning back.
Of course you do not see.

You never did.