After they both went separate ways, Felicity got back into her room and collapsed on her bed. Did that really just happen? She actually flirted with her sister and held her hand for the second time and also asked Sawyer out, if she wanted to be technical at least.

What made her so bold to do so? She pushed her red hair back onto her pillow and closed her eyes. Back in Florida, the little friends that she had, were the ones who took chances and stood out in the crowd. And now here she was, pushing against all limits and boundaries, defying what her mother would say, and getting away with it so far. Sawyer had seemed shocked about what she had said at dinner, but that didn't bother her as she thought it would. If her twin was anything like her, then she would be feeling something similar, at least, she hoped that was the case.

If she looked at it another way, the red head did reject holding her hand twice after a few minutes of contact, but for some reason Felicity didn't feel like stopping on her actions. In fact, she drew to a conclusion that she was not going to stop any time soon, until Sawyer actually rejected her in words. Then, if it did come down to that, so what if she got pushed away? So what if she got hurt? Her eyes were already damaged from the supposable sickness she got when she was younger, she hardly knew her sister, and she didn't like her mother. In other words, at this point in her life nothing actually mattered, so why not do exactly as she pleased?

Felicity smiled at her thoughts and buried her head into her pillow. At that point, she felt so tired that she fell into a light sleep. Then in no time at all, she started drifting into a dream.

She was in Sawyer's bed, even though once again everything was blurry. She felt around and saw her beautiful but still blurry twin, lying on a pillow, perfectly naked. Felicity started to touch the red head head's creamy skin and her toned muscles and abs. Her skin was soft like pure milk and honey. Slowly but surely, as if she was taking a dare, she kissed Sawyer's stomach and made her way up until she started to feather kiss a high peaked pink nipple. Her tongue ran across both of her twin's small breasts, like a champion, because she had done this many times before.

Sawyer moaned as Felicity began to make her warm kisses back down to her stomach and then to her strong thin hips. She took a chance and put her hand in between the red head's legs, feeling Sawyer's hot and wet entrance. She was surprised at how soft her twin was, her clit hard and round to perfection, with unbelievable lips and a little bit of red hair that dotted the top. She began to kiss her twin's entrance and softly licked her clit.

The girl below her tasted so good. Sawyer moaned again, but louder this time as she came in orgasm. Felicity felt her inner hot muscles tighten around her mouth, as more sweet come trickled onto her tongue. Sawyer tasted more and more like blueberries and strawberries as she cleaned her twin up with some more feathery kisses.

When she was done, she got up and found Sawyer's red lips. As soon as her mouth touched the red head's, she felt as if she were flying through the air and becoming one with her twin. Sawyer's mouth was needy on her own and she could feel her sister's tongue move expertly behind her own lips. Quickly, they switched places, and the fiery desire zoomed through Felicity's blood stream, as she went underneath Sawyer.

Her twin's muscles rippled, like the animal she was, as she grinded against Felicity's identical wet entrance. Her groin tightened some more as she rapped her legs around Sawyer's hips and moved with her. She heard little yelps come from her mouth at the extreme heightened pleasure that the red head was giving her. Together, they grinded faster and faster, until not only did she come, she felt her body change slightly with Sawyer's. Her red hair was already starting to turn white with fur, her nails growing longer, her eyes becoming clearer, and her spine arching into the sky…

Felicity woke up in a sweat, the darkness beyond her eyes almost unfamiliar to her as she shook her head to get out of delirium. Finally, she took a deep breath and shifted on her bed, wrapping the bed sheet around her. She couldn't get the images of Sawyer's hot blurry body beneath her own or the fact that she changed. Changed into what though? That part was weird and confusing, so she decided to think about her twin's red nipples and she practically licked her lips from the thought.

In the past, she didn't really get aroused often, but it was quite different now. Shyly, as if a stranger were in the room with her, Felicity reached underneath her covers, down her big pajama t-shirt, until she got to her underwear. She sneaked her hand under the small lacy material and felt how wet she was. Felicity moaned lowly and started to pump her thin fingers in and out of her entrance. She pictured the erotic images of her dream; Sawyer's muscles rippling and the imaginary taste of her twin's hot come inside her mouth, until she came herself. Her orgasm took her over the edge in waves, as she bit her tongue to prevent herself from screaming out Sawyer's name.

Afterwards, she shivered slightly under the blankets, her mind foggy from the pictures that she imagined. Then, as if she was a machine, Felicity reached over the side of her bed to her cell phone that her mother had given to her. When she found it, she dialed Sawyer's number. Again, she was just going to keep going, but she had to make sure that she could still keep her nerve through all of the chances that she was taking and soon would take. Plus, her sister might not even be awake.

"Hello?" Sawyer asked into the phone, her voice groggy. Felicity sat up in bed, her heart pounding again. She wiped away the sweat from her forehead nervously, her eyes dark and unfocused with a type of heaviness and exhaustion.

"I forgot to say good night, Sawyer," she said quietly into the phone. How completely crazy she must sound, but after practically calling out her twin's name in orgasm, it almost felt right at the same time.

"Oh, uh, good night Felicity," her sister said. She could hear Sawyer's sudden alertness and once again the shock that ran through the red head's voice at her late night phone call. "Are you okay? It's almost one in the morning."

"Yes, I'm all right. I will see you tomorrow." And with that, she hung up, her face red with pure embarrassment. She dropped her phone back on the side of her bed and closed her eyes once more with a smile. Just to hear Sawyer say her name was enough to make her calm, happy, serene, and everything in between. However, before she drifted back off into sleep, she pictured her body turning white and strong like her sister. What was that? Her head couldn't comprehend the thought again, so like a few minutes ago, she ignored it.