and with each hatred speech professed,
i walk the thin line between love and hatred,
that walking on top was heaven's will,
and falling down was one's own careless fault.
that the line that separated them both,
knew no one wanted to fall.

because nobody wanted to hate
the one that they love so much.

plebeian people may look down
on the love that was never meant to be.
they can jeer, insult and be disgusted
but i've never given up.
with each spoken word willingly let out,
was what i wanted you to hear.
the words all kept inside a sound-proof jar,
screamed at its lungs when opened.

ah, your smile brings me back
to the longing past i wanted to hear,
the nostalgic feeling of warmth and fear-
the fear of losing that beautiful smile.
with your indifferent expression brings hurt
and mayhaps a little regret.

that all i did a four-lettered word
was all just in vain.


(what an inane feeling.
but well worth the pain that
brought happiness back like a boomerang)