I've been waiting for a good while now.

Will it really work out this time?

You captured my attention months ago

with cat-like grace and mystery,

then secured it again and again

with a gentle word, a quiet strength,

and inquisitive mind and a compelling smile—

the rich, elaborate beauty of a lark in song.

You didn't spread your wings open

for just anyone who came along.

You were waiting, just as I was,

for the right one to show up.

Am I him? Are you her?

Will it really work out this time?

I won't get to hug or kiss you for a while,

if indeed I ever do at all.

I do not feel your touch right now

or see your wonderfully crafted face in front of mine.

When we are reunited I'd like to buy you dinner

and see where it goes from there.

But until then I'll just talk to you

and learn about who you are,

because I want to get to know the amazing person

who has given me hope again.

Every conversation is a new adventure,

a thrill of excitement one step closer

to whatever new discoveries lie ahead.

Will it really work out this time?

I'm willing to wait and see.