Title Ideas

1 Silent Twilight

2 The Burning Moons

3 The Cracked Illusion

4 The Burning Legacy

5 Semper Fidelis

6 Broken Dreamer

7 Infinite Redemption

8 The Blade's Kiss

9 The Seventh Sky

10 Hallowed Waters

11 The Solstice Saga

12 The Deathly Solstice

13 The Divine Damned

14 The Rune of the Rose

15 Spark of War

16 Scarlet Eclipse

17 Frostdagger

18 Earthblood

19 Skylegend

20 Behind Sorrow

21 Inheritance of Heart

23 Last Mistborn

24 The Dawn Clash

25 The Mystic Dawn

26 Summer of Shadow

27 Twilight Dreams

28 Realm of the Stars

29 The Winter Nightingale

30 The Twelve Twilight Crowns

31 Gilded Curse

32 Empire of Ice

33 Midsummer Curse

34 The Coldfire's Dragon

35 Fallen Legend

36 The Twilight Treader

37 The Autumn Phoenix

38 Silver Star

39 Saga of Symphony

40 The Dream Rune

41 Spell and Chaos

42 The Emerald Spirit

43 The Ancient Name

44 Roses of Twilight

45 Chaotic Flow

46 The Entwined Legend

47 Dream of the Angels

48 The Immortal Story

49 Everlasting Shadows

50 Stained Glass

51 A World Apart

52 Unto Darkness

53 The Tear-Stained Letters

54 Remembering Regrets

55 Liberty or Death

56 Fortunate Findings

58 Forgetting Friends

59 The Prophet's Blood

60 Forlorn Friendship

61 The Lord's Labyrinth

62 The Midnight Moon

63 Shattering Time

64 Redeeming the Lost Ones

65 Dwindling Savior

66 Lost Beginning

67 The Emerald Illusion

68 The Kiss of Silence

69 Consort of Destiny

70 Forgotten Future

oooooooookay! i've noticed recently, that there are quite a few stories floating around that don't have titles. so, i decided to come up with a whole bunch and post them for others to use if they need them. I'll probably add more to it once in a while, to keep it fresh and different.

anyways, if you would like to use one, leave a review or send me a PM of which one you want and i'll tell ya if it's taken, reserved or whatever. also, of you decide to use the title and post the story, it would be nice if you mention me (it's not totally nessacary, but it would be nice) in the A/N or something. Please tell me if your going to use it, so i don't get mad and have your account frozen ( i'm not that mean...am I? Well, notify anyways.) I'd much rather know and not get credit than not know and feel cheated :D


gilraenstar :D