131. The Witches Lullaby

132. Crow Song

133. Escape the War

134. Hidden Truths

135. The Many Faces of a Hydra

136. The Fixture of Aristocracy

137. Clashing Talons

138. With Fortitude Failing

139. Woman in the Night

140. Destiny of Fire

141. Lonely Moon

142. Tales of the Guardian

143. Silent Voyages

144. River of Dreams

145. Absent Illusion

146. Darkest Shard

147. Forgotten Spirit

148. The Laughing Winter

149. Dream of Light

150. The Splintered Dragon

151. Servants of Legacy

152. The Frozen Return

153. Door of the Moon

154. The Truth's Dying

155. The Gift of Silence

156. The Crying Faith

157. The Scrying Shards

158. Crying Mirror

159. Beyond the Scrying Glass

160. Playing With Salvation

161. Whispering Return

162. The Magic of a Secret

163. The Star of Legend

164. Vision of the Storm

165. Eyes of the Enemy

166. The Greatest Fear

167. Fire Inside

168. Playful Stars

169. Federation of Our Lost Souls

170. Secret of the Crying

171. The Faerie Tale

172. Thorn of Luck

173. The Gate of Prophecy

174. The Silent Ship

175. Dying Dreamer

176. Ring of Hatred

177. The Pious Murderer

178. Quietly Screaming

179. Alone in Wonderland

180. The Affair of the Labyrinth

181. The Flower Grave

182. Vials from the Garden

183. Poisonheart

184. The Plague of Korinthia

185. The Celestial Kingdom

186. A Delicate Corpse

187. Carnival of the Dragon

188. The Shattered House

189. Cemetery of the Gods

190. Tale of the River

191. Traveling the Styx

192. Clockwork Woods

193. Wayward Escape

194. The Last Dead Stars

195. Taste of Rain

196. Chasing the Demon

197. The Letter from the Ghost

198. Dancing Claim

199. The Eternal Moon

200. The Lost Hours

hi guys! welllll, its been some time snce i added some new titles to the list, so i decided now i oughta update it! I added 70 some titles i believe, but im rather bad at counting so that may not be right XD either way, you know what to do!

if you see a title you like, leave a review asking if you can have. I'll get back to you in no less than a day to tell if it's taken reserved, or whatever!

if its not taken, it's yours, but make you ask first, and give me some kind of credit in an authors note or such!

thanks and enjoy the titles!


gilraenstar :D