A/N: A day late, but I swear it's not my fault - I couldn't find the blog and therefore didn't know the order to do the prompts in... But! Sorted now, and I know what I'm doing. ^_^

Again, this one's a spin-off from my novel, only with the Virtue characters this time (hence the actual challenge), though it does reference some of the Sins from "TCoW: Mistakes".


Perhaps she was old fashioned. The high-collared, floor-length, heavily impractical dress with layers upon layers of material was somewhat… outdated. Ugly.


Wasn't it better that she wear herself covered entirely, and ignore how ridiculous her clothes may look, than stoop so low as to show off skin?

She didn't even know what colour her skin was anymore. It'd been… a while since she'd last seen her body - perhaps by now she was white as a dove. But that was a good thing; doves were pure, holy, innocent.

They weren't lecherous perverts with unquenchable sex drives.

Not like him.