Madelyn Chapter 1

Why do people call their lives a fairy tale? People say there are happy endings, but they are wrong! There are no happy endings because nothing ever ends! Even you die, life goes on for your friends and family, and they go through hardships too- along with the other innocent people of the world!

My name is Madelyn Gallagher. I am leading a fairly normal life...Every day is similar…I get up, go to school, come home, do my homework, then go to bed. Not very exciting…I'm 13 years old, and I live in North Virginia with my sister and mother. You may be wondering, where's dad? Truth is, I don't know. When I was two years old, my parents got in a fight. My dad packed up his bags-and never came back. I haven't got one letter, one birthday card, not even a single phone call. But honestly, I've lived this way almost my whole life-so it's hard to miss someone you barely remember. Anyways, I have a twin sister her name is Nicole...We may look the same, but we are the exact opposite. She is daring, funny, and outgoing. Every day something fantastic happens to her-whether it's meeting a cute boy or winning the Geography Bee. We both have close groups of friends, but she is beaming with self-confidence. Me? Yeah, not so much… We are both excellent straight- A students, but I bet she is more likely to get noticed for an Ivy-League college-why? I really don't know. She walks with a spring in her step, a sparkle in her eyes, and a super positive attitude-for me; it's not always that easy.

My life has gone downhill tremendously. When John died, my life fell apart. Last year, John Nicholson was my boyfriend. We were a loving couple, and I was so happy whenever I was around him. He always used to make me laugh, even on my worst day. So when one day, he didn't pick up his phone, I began to worry. He ALWAYS had his phone on him. So when I passed his house the following day, I saw ambulances and police cars parked in front of it. The obituary told me the fate of my best friend the next day. John was killed in a fire. He lived in a small house surrounded by woods, and a careless person was smoking, and he threw it on the ground…The spark turned into a flame, the flame spread, and by the time the firemen got to the scene- it was too late. John was home alone taking a nap, when he was awoken by the black smoke. The smoke was too powerful, enough to knock him unconscious. They found him lying dead on the ground. The whole town was devastated. My life crumbled faster than the spreading forest fire itself. When I heard the big news about John, I was depressed. I'd always wake up hysterically crying in the middle of the night. I still sometimes shed a tear now every now and then when I think about him. My mom and my sister are striving in their lives, but why am I so sad all the time? It seems like I'm the one in my family who gets all of the bad luck.

"Madelyn…! Get down here right now! My mother bellowed. I frantically looked around my cluttered room.

"I'll be down in one minute, mother!" I hollered back.

I looked through my closet…ARE closet, that is; Nicole and I have to share everything! A room, a bathroom, even clothes sometimes! I had my heart set on wearing my favorite outfit. It was a pink and green shirt that said "I love" on it, with lime green sweat pants.

"Hey Nicole"...?

"What is it Maddy?" Nicole replied.

"Where's my heart shirt?" I said.

"I don't know where you put your clothes!" Nicole snapped with a stressed tone.

I ripped through my hangers faster than a tornado, until I spotted something that caught my eye.

"Yes! I found it." I exclaimed.

"Good for you… Now get your clothes on before mom freaks."

I walked down the stairs with looking as elegant as ever. My dark brown hair was in a neat French braid, and I wore lip gloss and mascara. I felt confident, for the first time in a long time. I strolled into the kitchen, waiting to find my mom flipping pancakes for breakfast. I sat down at the table waiting for my mom to put our food on the table. I flashed my mom a wide smile. Before she could reply I heard a scream; it was my sister!

"I'll be right back mom". I said quickly.

"Ok honey, go check on your sister. Knowing her she probably just smudged her makeup…" my mom sighed.

I quickly ran up the stairs into our bedroom to find my sister standing in the middle of the floor.

"What happened? Are you okay Nikki?"

"Yes, I'm fine Maddy!" Nicole cried.

"Then why did you scream?"

"Well"… Nicole said

She paused for a moment.

"Guess what?" She shrieked. "Patrick asked me out!"

I was dumbfounded. "So I ran all the way up the stairs thinking that you were hurt, in danger, or getting kidnapped; and I find out you shrieked just because some stupid boy asked you out!" I stammered.

"Well…Yep apparently" Nicole grinned.

"Wow". I muttered to myself. "Since you have your clothes on we can go downstairs and eat our breakfast!"

"Okay, fine" Nicole shot back.

I had been very sensitive ever since the fire. I'm always worried that something else tragic is going to happen to one of my loved ones, and Nicole knows that!

I walked back downstairs to continue to eat my plate of chocolate chip pancakes. Nicole noticed I had a glum look on my face.

"What's wrong Maddy?" Nicole said

"Can you please not talk about your new boyfriend? Some people are TRYING to eat" I declared.

"But, but Why?" Nicole stuttered.

"Because, I'm sick of hearing you run your mouth". I blurted.

It took her a moment to answer.

"Oh... I'm sorry I forgot about...What happened." Nicole said, apologetically.

"It's ok." I said while whipping a tear from my eye.

For the rest of breakfast we were both silent.

Great… I'm always in a bad mood when someone reminds me about John. Now im going to have to show up to school with huge frown on my face saying "I'm depressed." I just hope school won't be as bad as my morning was. . .

Preys to god ill have a good day!