She is a tigress adorned of stripes—
ferocious, virile mandarin and majestic, shrewd onyx
—guarded by the eastern azure dragon, her tenacious honour
cannot restrain the longings of her soul.

He is an ingenious monkey who hurls manipulative mangoes of laughter
With that charming smile, he'll win you over
just so he can throw you out and thrive on the shining new sun.
Flighty and cunning, he leaps to new vines of adventure.

Her streaks remind him of flourishing citrus, and so
he is drawn like a mosquito to flesh, but that
dominant scarlet red blood that runs through their veins
starts the feuds that unbalance the scales of wild philosophy.

Things could work out, if they weren't so stubborn
however, the wise northern star advises that it'd be best to find another.
But no one ever said that what was not once done was impossible,
and their nature is too obstinate to listen to others

So they will learn to get along
even if it's just to prove others wrong.
He will leap to new opportunities, and his skills being so vast,
he will be the best actor that ever feigned love.