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"Magnolia!" Mother called. I rolled over in my hammock and put my thick hair so it covered my face. Was it really my turn to go Watching again? I went just last week. Doesn't a princess deserve her beauty sleep? "Magnolia, get up this instant!" She was getting angry. Oh, well.

"Coming, Mother!" I called. I rolled out of bed (which was also my hammock) and walked to the pool of water I used as both a human looking glass and a water dish. My hair looked a mess. I walked over and grabbed my hair brush off of the table beside my bed. It was gold with intricate purple designs that served as an enchantment to get all the knots out quickly and painlessly. Back by the looking glass, I wondered what to do with it today. It was platinum blonde with aquamarine streaks through it. Naturally, it ran to the middle of my calf. It curled at the ends and waved all the way through. Straight, it ran to my ankles. If I braided it, it flowed only to the back of my knees. I went with the last.

"Hurry up!" Mother called again. She was so impatient. Daddy wouldn't have rushed me… But, he was gone. I decided to ignore her and finished braiding it. I looked in the mirror. My ultra pink eyes were framed in long dark lashes. My thin, dark eyebrows arched gracefully and perfectly. My hair fit perfectly with my pale skin, while my eyelashes and eyebrows added the right amount of contrast. I had Daddy's pointed nose, and my eyes were long like Mother's. I was tall, but not too tall. I had long legs, perfectly sculpted for running. My perfect, hourglass figure added to my beauty. I guess, by a human's standards, I was darn near perfect. But, in my Mother's eyes and the eyes of my people, I was normal; average.

So, I grabbed my gray tunic made from a deer hide and a pair of black leggings, made of the same material. Finally, I glanced at my crown. Mother wished me to always wear it, but it added unnecessary weight. It was made of the finest silver and gold, thin lines crossing in the front to form a delicate magnolia flower before running back to make an even more delicate hook to wrap around my pointed ears. I looked at it for another moment, and decided against it. I grabbed my bow, gracefully carved from a deer buck's fallen antler. It's string made from magically bound hairs from the mane of my wild mare, Glydia. She was silver in color with a black star on her forehead. I walked down the stairs, and almost ran into my sister, Aurora.

Aurora was an exact copy of my mother. She had the same, I'll-do-what-I-want-and-you can't-stop-me and you'll-do-as-I-say attitudes. She had the same red-streaked brown hair, and electric blue eyes. She had the same lashes that were much shorter than mine and dirty blonde eyebrows. She glared at me.

"Mother called you three times," she said. She was our mother's lapdog, her favorite. I think our mother wanted something to happen to me, just so she could get the throne.

"Yes, I had to braid my hair. Then I had to get dressed."

"Where's your tiara?" She always had hers on, just as Mother wanted.

"In my bedroom," I replied uninterested. Her attitude didn't affect me in the slightest. She made tsk-ing sound, shook her head, and walked to her bedroom next to mine. As she opened the door, she turned her head, a viciously smug smile on her face. "And, by the way, Magnolia, guess who's team I'm on today?" With that she turned, her long hair swishing behind her, just barely missing getting caught in the doorway. I sighed, this would be fun… I continued my journey down the stairs .

"Magnolia, I called you three times!" Mother said heatedly. She had the same features as my sister, the same short nose, too. "And what have I told you about that silly braid? You should wear your hair as long as it goes, it's more ladylike." Her gaze traveled farther up to the crown of my head. "And, you need to wear you tiara! You are royalty!" She tsked, the same way Aurora had, and shook her head. She said under breath, "You are more like you're father and River than a lady should be…" River is my brother, the second oldest, after me. Then it's Aurora, Maple, Jade, and Daisy. Our society is heavily matriarchal, therefore, River would not get the throne unless something happened to all five of his sisters.

"Yes, Mother, I know," was all I said. I looked at her face, so young. Elves age physically a year per every human year until they are thirteen, then a year a century until they are twenty three. From there, the aging process gradually slows even more, ensuring every elf not killed in battle lives many thousands of years. Anyways, I nodded my head when she told me to go upstairs and put my crown on, but shook my head when she told me to straighten my hair.

"No?" She seemed shocked anyone in her household knew the word. I shook my head again.

"Glydia will trip over it." She seemed furious, but nodded her consent. The only time I ever actually straightened my hair was when Mother forced me to sit in on a council meeting. I walked upstairs, grabbed my crown, and my quiver which I somehow forgot in the rush. I set the tiara on my head, placing the hooks gently behind my ears, like I've seen some humans do with things called glasses, which help them to see. I looked at an arrow. It was made of the finest oak, the head made of diamond, just like the others. I only had five left. I'd have to ask River to make me more. I opened my door the same time Aurora did. She had a sly smile on her face.

"So, I see Mother made you put on your crown. You should be proud to wear it. It's a sign of noble birth." I shook my head at her, looked down at her weapon of choice, a spear. Made of ash, it was extremely flexible and had an iron head. "I'm surprised that she let you keep you're hair braided though. What, did you tell her that brain dead horse of yours would trip on it?" I opened my mouth, my voice deathly calm.

"Glydia is not brain dead," I said. Aurora just hated my horse because it wouldn't answer to her. Glydia answered to no one but me. Aurora gave me a frustrated look and shook her head.

"Whatever, let's just leave. Rain wants me home soon." I smiled smugly and walked away. Rain was Aurora's boyfriend, and an idiot. Aurora just dated him because she thought he was hot and he did whatever she said, whenever she said it. But, we had to go. Elves were the secret Guardians of the Earth, and all of her inhabitants. We, collectively, changed the seasons, and boosted populations when they dropped too low. But, there are certain things we can't interfere with. What's dead, is dead. We can't bring them back. But, we can heal the injured, if only to a point. Anything beyond that, is out of our hands.

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