Let Me Die

My name is Garai. My name means settled and calm. I haven't lived up to that.

My family and I live here, in Zimbabwe. We are poor, and there's no food on the table.

I left to go and get money for us. For my brothers and sisters and parents. My sister Chipo came with me.

My older brother, and another sister left. They went a few years ago. They didn't come back.

He went to the diamond mines. He wanted to try save us. He was shot. It was a massacre.

My sister went to sell clothes to people like my brother. My sister was raped and she didn't come back. She was found later. Dead like my brother.

Now, Chipo is gone. I don't know where she is. She could be dead too. I failed my family.

I am here, in a camp. I was caught. This is a torture camp.

Others are not lucky like me. Others have been mauled by dogs. Some are missing their ear. It is horrible here. This is disgusting.

This happens. This happens for one thing. It benefits only three people. President Mugabe benefits only. He walks free when people die.

This all happens for one thing. For diamonds. For what others wear. They wear Zimbabwe diamonds. They wear blood. They wear our people's blood.

I hear from guards. I hear that EU people want to sell our diamonds again…

More people will die. More people will be beaten to death. More people will wear blood.

My brother. My sister. My family. We all poor. We may all die.

I want to die. I want to be free from three beatings a day. I want to be with my brother and sister.

Will someone let me die?

Will more people care?


These are about Zimbabwe blood diamonds. This is happening. There was a massacre. There are torture camps. People are dying. This isn't right. Please, you can help. Those people aren't being put to justice. You can change that!

I am writing a petition so that the EU doesn't buy blood diamonds. Come on. If you doubt me though, then talk to your local jewellery shop, and ask if they know where the diamonds have come from. Most don't know.

Six shops on Hatton Garden wouldn't even speak to Panorama.

Come on people. Say you give me your support and I'll add your username in the petition. Come on, leave a review. Let everyone know you give your support. Not being a member isn't an excuse. If you don't want to be outspoken, then send me a pm.

Trust me when I say, One person can't change the world. One person can start a revolution.

Don't but blood diamonds. You will pretty much be wearing a bloodbath.

Don't buy diamonds unless there's proof where it's come from. You could be buying blood. Review or PM to the petition for that, and so the EU doesn't start buying them again!

The real horrors are in this world we live in.