Questions and Toxins.

The spotlight flickers-

It's just you

And your sugar coated candy smile

I'll drown under the toxins in my blood stream,

All the while fighting to keep my gaze off the floor.

You throw the microphone stand to the ground

This is just another favourless fantasy,

Where the sun sets sadistically

And the majestic horse gallops away-

We're all left in the beaten track

Watching reality morph back into a dream.

I could read beautiful and tragic descriptions

Until I lose my voice to the ink black sky,

But if you don't listen to a word I say

How can we all keep on singing the words?

If our only shelter is struck and killed

By violent bolts of electric lightning,

Can you still wake up every day

And not feel any emotional pain

That I know you hate with a passion?

You say I ask too many questions-

Yet you hide all your lies behind your burning eyes.