Sunshine in her face woke her. Vae opened her eyes and stretched, yawning as she sat up in bed. She felt for Vince and turned to find him gone. What time was it? She looked at the clock and saw that it was nine in the morning. She slid out of bed and went into the bathroom. She threw some water on her face and then used the bathroom after drying her face.

"Good morning," Vince said. Vae smiled at him as she exited the bathroom.

"How are you?"

"I'm great. How are you feeling today?"

"Physically I'm fine."

"What's wrong?"

"She's going to leave me, Vince. She's going to move on with her life and leave me behind. What if she forgets me?"

"Lorie," Vince sighed. He walked over and pulled Vae into a hug. "You can't hold her back. If you do, she'll hate you for it and always blame you for her misery. You have to let her go. Let her find out what she wants to do. If she leaves and hates it out there in the real world, then she can always come back. You can keep in touch. Call each other every night."

"It's going to be weird. We've been so close all the time, within miles of each other. Now she's going hundreds of miles away."

"I know, but it's her choice. You have me," Vince looked down into his mate's beautiful face, brushing her hair off her forehead and tucking strands behind her ears. "I love you."

"I love you too," Vae told him, leaning up and kissing him.

"Let's go get some breakfast and we'll help Lorie get ready."


Vae let Vince lead her to the pack house where most of the pack was already waiting. She smiled at them, though she didn't feel it. They all smiled sympathetically back and she felt tears prick her eyes. She heard the front door open and waited for Lorie to walk inside. Instead it was Matthias. She felt her heart start racing.

"Where's Lorie?"

"I'm coming," Lorie called, the front door shutting again behind her. Vae sighed in relief. Part of her had wondered if Lorie left without saying goodbye. Vae would have been pissed.

Vince sat down beside her, pulling her chair close. He kept a hand on her thigh, meant to ease her and keep her centered. She thanked him for that by placing her hand over his.

"Did you think I would leave without saying goodbye?" Lorie shot her friend a knowing look.

"I know you've got a bad habit of doing that," Vae shot back with a frown.

"I won't leave without saying goodbye. I promise," Lorie rolled her eyes.

Breakfast went by too fast in Vae's opinion. She wanted the time to crawl by slowly. But it seemed to race on. She helped do the dishes and put away the clean dishes. When it was done and the kitchen clean, she followed Lorie out into the yard. Everyone else went about his or her normal business.

"Why are you doing this?" Vae asked, crossing her arms for mute comfort. She drug her foot on the ground, not looking at Lorie.

"I have to go. I need to see what's out there for me. I'm not sure if I'm going home, or not, but I know I need to go."

"What about Sawyer? Are you just leaving him here, just like that? Do you feel nothing for him?" Vae finally met her friend's eyes.

She saw a flicker of remorse before Lorie smiled. "He'll move on. Find someone new."

"Is that what you want?" Vae asked. "Do you want him to move on and forget you?"

"Damn it Vae! Leave it alone. I'm leaving. Just accept it," Lorie shouted.

"You have feelings for him," Vae softened.

"I do. But I can't stay here and have his little wolf puppies. It's so secluded. I need to live a bit more. I'm not ready to settle down," Lorie admitted.

"Wolf puppies? Really?" Vae shook her head.

"You know what I mean," Lorie threw her hands in the air.

"Does he know you feel for him?"

"I can't be honest with him or he'll throw me over his shoulder and keep me forever," Lorie told her.

"I can actually picture that. I know that Vince wouldn't let me go."

"You and Vince make a great couple. Are there going to be babies in your future?" Lorie asked, leaning back against the camper door. Vae walked over and leaned next to her before answering.

"Not right now I hope. I'm not ready for kids. I have to get used to being a wolf. I need to shift and learn how to control it. Then I need to get used to living with a bunch of wolves and a pack hierarchy. There's too much for me to focus on right now rather than being a mom," Vae replied.

"That makes sense. You seem to be accepting this well," Lorie looked up at the sky. "I don't know what I'd do if one of them transformed me into a wolf. Avery definitely wanted to."

"At least he didn't become your mate. He's going to pay for what he did. I'm sure that Sawyer will make sure of that."

"I'm surprised Sawyer didn't kill him flat out."

"He may have. We don't know what went on last night. Sawyer was supposed to talk to him and get some answers."

"That's true," Lorie shrugged.

"Are you going to tell him goodbye?" Vae asked.

"I can't bear it. This is hard enough."

"I can't believe that we won't be just a few miles apart. I'm going to miss you so much," Vae whispered, turning to wrap her arms around her friend's waist.

"I'll always be a phone call away. You know that. And I'll always love you like a sister. You mean a lot to me."

"Sisters forever." Vae pulled back, tears in her eyes. "Promise me you'll come visit."

"Of course. I don't know how long that will be in the future, but I will come visit."

"I need to get my stuff out of the camper," Vae's eyes widened.

"Vince and I already took care of that. He took all your stuff to his house."

"How early did you guys get up?"

"I didn't sleep much last night," Lorie shrugged.

"I'm going to cry," Vae admitted, pulling back. She let Lorie open the door to the camper and climb in. Lorie shot her one last smile.

"You'll be fine without my, kid. You're strong now, and bear the battle scars to prove it," Lorie pointed to the scars on Vae's face. "You're even more beautiful with them. Vince better take care of you, or I'll have to come back and kick his ass."

"I will take care of her," Vince's voice startled Vae and she turned to find him behind her. He wrapped her up in his arms and smiled at Lorie. Lorie nodded at him.

"I'll hold you to it." Lorie shut the camper door after grabbing her purse. She walked around to the front of the truck and patted the hood. "It's time to go."

"Be careful. Call me when you get settled and know where you're going."

"I will," Lorie promised. She climbed into the driver's seat and shut the door. She started her truck, listening to the engine hum. She sighed and put the truck in gear. She smiled and waved as she passed Vae and Vince. But as soon as she was down the road and out of sight, the tears and sobs shook her body. It was hard to leave Vae behind, even though she knew this was what was best for her. A small flicker of uncertainty crossed her mind, but she pushed that to the back of her mind. She had to stick with her decision.

Wiping her eyes, she steeled herself and took a deep breath. "Goodbye Sawyer," she mumbled before leaving everything she ever cared about behind her.

Vae watched Lorie leave with a heavy heart and tears pouring down her face. She already missed her best friend, her sister. How was she going to make it without her?

Turning, she buried her face in Vince's chest. "I've got you," he whispered, kissing the top of her head. "Why don't we go take a nap?"

"I'm not sleepy," Vae mumbled.

"You're going to be when you're done crying. Lorie leaving took its toll on you."

"Okay." Vae gave in because she wanted to be alone with her mate. She didn't want to be around anyone right now.

Vince led her around the pack house and toward their house. He had almost left the pack house when Matthias called out. "Vince, Vae."

"Yes?" Vince called back.

"I have an announcement for the entire pack. We'll all meet and discuss it after lunch."

"What time exactly?" Vince pressed.

"Let's say 2:00."

"See you then."

Vae felt Vince's arm behind her knees and then she was being picked up and carried. He started running and her eye's widened. She felt the air on her face and loved it. It dried her tears and made her suck in a breath of fresh air. Vince opened the door and kicked it closed behind him. He went straight for the stairs and then to their bedroom.

"Let me distract you," Vince told her.

"What do you think Matthias wants to tell us?" Vae asked.

"Vae? Did you not hear me?"

"No, I did. But before you distract me, what do you think?"

"Hopefully he has good news for us. Who knows?"


"Can I distract you now?" Vince threw her on the bed, eliciting a scream from Vae.

"I guess I do need it," Vae admitted.

"Let me love you."

"Love me how?" Vae teased.

"I'm going to strip you naked."

"And then?" she pressed, her breathing growing labored as liquid heat pooled in her pussy.

"Then I'm going to kiss and suck on those beautiful tits of yours."

"Mmmm," Vae groaned. "And then?"

"I'm going to kiss a trail down your stomach to the top of your pussy. I'm going to cup it and tell you that it belongs to me."

"Is that what you think?"

"That's what I know," Vince growled, his eyes reflecting his wolf for a moment. It made Vae shiver with delight.

"What else?" Though she knew where he would go next with his promises.

"I'm going to lick your pussy and suck on your clit. I'm going to make your toes curl and your back arch. I'm going to make you beg me to stop and I won't stop. You will scream my name by the time I'm done with you. After that I'll flip you over and sink my cock into that tight pussy of yours," Vince told her.

"Vince," Vae reached for him, her body on fire for his.

Vince captured her lips and kissed her long and hard. He was completely possessing her, showing her that she belonged here with him; in his arms and bed. He'd never let her go. Sawyer was a fool for letting Lorie leave. After that he proceeded to do what he'd promised her.

When 2:00 rolled around, Vae and Vince were still in bed, feeling completely sated and sore from their lovemaking.

"We need to go," Vae reminded him, tracing random patterns on his chest.

"Matthias can wait," Vince growled, grabbing her hand and kissing her fingers.

"He's our alpha. We have to obey him," Vae replied.

"Fine! If we must," Vince whined.

They both dressed in a hurry and walked out of the house holding hands. They entered the pack house and met Matthias and the rest of the pack in the living room. Vae looked at Talia and Darien, noticing the couple seemed extra lovey today. She wondered what had changed there. Samuel and his kids were sitting in the floor. Maria sat on the couch arm, watching her children play with each other. Samuel looked relaxed.

Hosea was sporting a black eye and his yawn showed a missing tooth. She winced, wondering if that happened in the fight. Romeo and Vulcan were talking quietly. Matthias was watching everyone and pacing the floor. Vae and Vince took a seat on the couch and waited for it to start. It seemed the pack was smaller without Carter and Justin. They'd both perished in the fight.

It took Vae a moment, but she realized hat Emerald and Zalex were missing. She'd just leaned over to ask Vince about them when Matthias began to speak. "I know these last few days have been confusing. We've lost members of our pack, and gained a new permanent member. Vae made it through her transition and is now a full fledged member of this pack."

Everyone started clapping. It grew louder and louder until everyone had their head tilted back and was howling. Vae listened in wonder and her mouth fell open in shock. Matthias laughed at her expression. He silenced everyone and kept speaking.

"I have a few announcements. I've talked with Sawyer. We will keep the boundaries, but each member is allowed to cross to visit the packs. As long as you don't mean any harm. If you have a problem with a pack member from the other pack, you must take your problems to the alpha. No attacking the other pack's members. Do I make myself clear?"

Everyone agreed.

"We want everyone to interact. It would be a good way to make new friends and get this hatred behind us," Matthias met each member's eyes. "We may even have get togethers or parties."

"How do we know that we can trust them?" Samuel asked, his eyes alert as always.

"Because we have to for the survival of both our packs. We can't keep this up. We've lost two good members of our pack."

"What of them trying to steal our females?" Vulcan asked.

"Vae is taken and so are Maria and Talia. Who are you suggesting they take?"

"Emerald and Zalex have yet to mate," Vulcan shrugged, a blush grossing his face.

"Oh yes." Matthias rubbed his chin in thought. "I take it you noticed that neither of them are here."

"Where are they?" Romeo asked. "Are they getting it on?"

"Gross," Lacey wrinkled her nose.

"Romeo! My kids are present," Maria snapped.

He just shrugged. "Well?"

"There's been a question brought up whether or not Emerald should have a choice."

"What do you mean?" Vince asked, speaking up for the first time.

"Sawyer suggested that she meet some of the men from his pack. It's only fair that she get to choose."

"What does Zalex think of this?"

"He's furious that I even suggested it to her. That's why he's not here. He's run off into the woods to cool down. Emerald is packing her stuff. She's going to go stay with Sawyer's pack for a week. If she doesn't want any of them, then she's going to mate Zalex."

"That takes a member away from our pack! It also takes away future children and numbers," Samuel said calmly.

"She deserves a choice," Talia mumbled.

"I agree with Talia," Vae said. "This should be Emerald's choice."

"It's settled, so it's not like I'm going to change my mind," Matthias told them. "I just wanted to let everyone know."

"Are we dismissed?"


Everyone got up. Some stayed to talk, but Vae and Vince left quietly. They walked outside and toward their house. They both needed a shower and then to sleep. It was early, and they hadn't eaten lunch, but they were exhausted.

"What do you think of it?" Vae asked. "You didn't say either way."

"It will take a member away from us if she decides on one of them, but it will also be fair if she gets a choice."

"I agree," Vae smiled.

"I'm ready for a nap. I don't know if I can make it through a shower."

"Let's just take one after." Vae yawned.

"Sounds good to me."

Vince and Vae cuddled up in the bed, pulling a sheet over themselves. Vae lay with her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. She felt him fall asleep, but she lay awake, thinking. Lorie was gone, having given up her chance at happiness. Vae wondered if Sawyer would go after her. Personally, she knew she'd made the right decision to stay. She was in love with Vince and wanted to feel loved in return.

Closing her eyes, she let her mind go, and fell asleep with the man that she loved; the man that changed her entire life.


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