A.N. - I think this one came out of the fact that, despite most of my best friends being women, I am still a teenage guy at heart sometimes and let that slip through in their prescence.

Inappropriate Staring

It's not that I couldn't, if I wanted to,
look you in the face when we talk,
but can you blame a guy
for the distractions provided?

I'm not objectifying you, really;
it's genetically predetermined in males.
Monkey see, monkey do,
and monkey is hormonal today.

Not that I'm flinging metaphorical poo,
just stepping in it and trekking it about.
The male of the species is rendered stupid
when the female is this...alluring.

I can't help but be ensnared,
not by your words but by aesthetics.
You want it the other way around, I know.
Trust me, I'm working on it.