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Starting a new year at school usually isn't this hard. But this year was my third year of high school, and I was 16, and wanting a job that I didn't have, and a car I didn't have, and better grades, and whatnot. I was greedy, but I accepted that I wouldn't get everything I wanted without working hard for it. I remember that old quote I heard once before: Nothing worth it will ever be easy. Or something like that.

IT has already been a week into the school year and I'd already lost my phone and ID – but I'd gotten both returned later- and I'd already managed to get on the bad sides of most of my teachers. Like Mr. Morgan, my Math teacher, whom I bumped into and knocked all his papers everywhere, and Mrs. Chris my Physics teacher, whom I'd been daydreaming in, and when she asked me a question, not only did she startle out of my seat, but I didn't answer correctly. I was a complete mess lately. And so did Loki, whose real name is actually Lucio, however he hates the name.

But the only teacher that I hadn't made a fool of myself in front of was Mr. Pheonix, the newest teacher who was my AP World history teacher, and apparently this year's Paranormal supervisor, providing we have enough members this year.

However, today was my unlucky day. I was walking into Mr. Pheonix's class, and apparently just as he was walking out, because BAM! I bumped into him and spilled all his coffee all over him.

"I'm so sorry sir! I didn't see you there! Darn and this is the seventh time this week that I'd made a fool of me!" I babbled, expecting to be told off for being a klutz, but instead he laughed.

"Don't worry Griffin! It's quite alright!" he said, using my last name. "I should be saying the same thing! You weren't doused too were you? Because that'd be twice as unlucky!"

Confused at his happy attitude to this, I still liked at my own cloths, as he got up to get some paper towels from his desk, to wipe off the coffee shirt, vest, and tie(With an interesting combo of white, black, and rainbow striped) . "So sir, I'm clean"

"Good" he said. "Nice choice in clothing" he said, referring to my black button-up shirt and rainbow-striped tie.

I giggle a bit and said "We match!" and we both shared a laugh.

Mr. Pheonix may have only been here a week, as the newest teacher, but he was defiantly the coolest. Most of the students will agree with this statement if you ask. Only a week and he already has his own mini-fan club. Thankfully, I am not a part of that club. He's 27, he's almost too old to be an older brother, and too young to be anyone's father here. He was awesome though, no doubting that.

"Right, well at least this is the last class of the week. We can lay such a disastrous week to rest" he sighed.

"Have you been having a bad week too, Mr. Pheonix?" I asked

"Kind of, I was late to a meeting, and my girlfriend broke up with me" he sighed, and I just laughed and pat him on the back.

"You sound like my brother!"

"You have a brother? Wait, you wouldn't happen to mean Alex, would you?"

"Eh? Yah, I do mean Alex." I blinked.

"He was a freshman in collage when I was a senior! We were sort of-friends." We noticed the stream of students coming through the door now. "Alright, why don't you go sit down, and I can tell you some of his embarrassing stories later in Paranormal, if you'll come." I smirked and sat down. HE didn't know I'm the president.

Class passed uneventfully, and I sat at my desk, still doodling a few mini-comics relating to things we've talked about today based on my notes, to help me remember. The bell however, ruined one of the panels as its telephone-like ring (as it is in my school, like a telephone) made me jump.

I mumbled insults at the bell and began to fix my mistake.

"Talking to yourself is the first sign of madness" I look up to see a boy in my grade, who has black hair that he ties most of back and wears a headband for his fringe. His hair was either really dark brown or black, and his eyes were a woody brown/ hazel. He seemed like a serious person.

"Who are you and why are you here?" I said, narrowing my eyes slightly.

"Zane Volkov, here for Paranormal Society."

"Me too!" I look behind him to see another guy with sandy blond hair and three pink/purple stripes. His hair was cut longer in the front, it came to just pass his shoulders, and shorter in the back, just covering is neck. He also had a fringe that covered his eyes, or at least his right eye. His left was a brownish color, and I knew his right to be blue when I passed him in the hall. "I'm Zephyr Burgstaller!" He smiled.

"Well, it seems our president has run away" Mr. Pheonix said, walking into the room.

I just got up and walked to the front of the class, to the empty blackboard and with chalk, and wrote in big letters 'PARANORMAL SOCIETY: WELCOME!'

Turning to the two boys and teacher, I said with a smile on my face "Welcome to paranormal society. I am the president, Shyama Griffin, but you can all call me Griffin or Shy."

There was a moment of pause, before Zephyr burst out laughing, and Zane just said "No way".

I sighed and brought out my phone, opening to the facebook Paranormal page for our school, going to the info as the two boys watched over my shoulder.

'President: Shyama Griffin'

"There" I said. "Proof"

"Well I'll be" Zane said.

I was then basically tackle-hugged (Glomped) by Zephyr, who went oh to say how sorry he was that he didn't believe me. Then an idea popped into my mind.

I chucked evilly, and in the creepiest voice I could muster, said "Well, anyone who knows about me always ends up…Missing…"

They looked at me for a second, and zephyr backed up a bit apologizing again, begging me not to kill him, then I set my face in a board passive line.

"Kidding" and he stopped and stared. Mr. Pheonix mumbled about how I'm defiantly my brother's sister.

"You Little…"

"Back to business." Zane said and I stood and cleared my thought.

"Right. Well, How about we start with what paranormal is?" They raised eyebrows. "Well what do you think this club is about?" I shot back

"Talking about ghosts and vampires?" Zephyr said

"to study the paranormal?" Zane contributed.

"To talk about Alex's embarrassing stories?" We all turned to Mr. Pheonix.

"Well, yes, but that's beside the point! My brother's humiliation comes after Paranormal!" they all burst out laughing. "Anyways, Paranormal society is technically where we misfits can get together and talk and research various elements of the paranormal, including myths and legends, cryptozoology, and yes, vampires and ghosts. Unofficially, when I run the show, we go do things like TALK to ghosts, and vampires, and whatnot."

"Right…" they seemed skeptical. I sighed, rubbing my temples.

"If you don't believe," I pointed to the door "The exit is right there."

They all stared at me for a moment, judging how serious I was, and my sanity level. I looked at them, all three of them, with unblinking hard eyes.

"I'll stay" Mr. Pheonix said, and I looked at him, nodding slowly.

"Sounds fun" Zephyr nodded, smiling, swinging his legs as he was sitting on a desk.

"Alright, I'm in" Zane said.

I smiled brightly and thankfully. "Good, I wouldn't want to close the club." They just smiled.

"Anyways, yes, back to business for the last… thirty minutes. Thanks to you two I now have reason and permission to continue this club. Next week I'll bring a thank you thing. But we need to choose a topic. You see, at the end of each meeting, we choose next week's topic, so what will it be next week?"

"How about Vampires!" Zephyr said.

"Kid, are you obsessed with vampires or something?" I stared at him.

"Well-" I interrupted him by holding up a hand.

"Don't answer that" they just all laughed at my seriousness.

When the laughter dies down, Mr. Pheonix suddenly jumped up, surprising us all, and raised his hand like an exited 4th grader.

"Yes Mr. Pheonix?" I asked with a raised eyebrow.

"two things; one, don't call me Mr. Pheonix during club hours, it makes me feel old. Two, I know a haunted sanitarium that needs some investigators to come in and take a look. Depending on how professional the team is-"

"Deal" I cut him off, and they all looked at me with confusion and doubt in they're faces. I just gave my best business-smile, and said "IT will be a good experienced trust me, if you're going to be in my club you're gonna need it."

"Challenge excepted" Zephyr grinned, while Zane just smirked.

"Will you be able to handle it, little girl?"

"Bring it, Voltorb"

"Whatever, Gengar"

"Since when did you become pokemon?"

"Since now. Anyways, Mr. Pheonix, If we don't call you that, then what do you want us to call you?"

"Call me King!" He said very dramatically.

"No thanks, senpai." He feigned going into Tamaki's emo-corner "Besides, that's make Voltorb Kyoya, and he'd be Mommy."

"Well, Darn" He said. "Well, I guess you can call me Askr, then. Unless I get a pokemon name?"

"Moltres. Or Abra?" I looked at the boys for approval for either one.

"Moltres" They said in unison, and she nodded.

"And me~?" Zephyr said.

"Zigzagoon" I said, and Voltorb nodded.


"So, when and where for that old sanitarium?" I asked brightly.


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