So, just a poem to get my numbers up, but every word is true. I am a total night person! I love the stars and the moon and just the feel of it. I'd rather sleep all day and be up all night. So, I'll just let you read to figure out details. Quotation marks begin different stanzas. Read On!

"Night welcomes me,

Into her warm, loving arms.

The loving light of the moon,

The guiding love of the stars.

"The feel of night.

A home, a haven.

Nothing to be afraid of.

Just the croak of a raven.

"Happiness blooms,

Ecstasy grins.

A smile on my face.

The night always wins.

"Sunlight is blinding.

Too harsh, too bright.

Moonlight is gentle,

Just enough to lend sight.

"The moonless sky,

An empty night.

Still beautiful,

Though nothing's in sight.

"A full moon rises,

Lights up the sky.

I'm dancing on air,

Feel I can fly.

"The sun rises.

I eagerly await,

For a time when I can once more,

Feel Night's cool grace.

I think it was a bit thrown off at the end, but it was still good. Comment, review, like, dislike. Just tell me what you thought. And, I hate to ask, but please go check out my story, Never Too Late. I need reviews. So, I bid you ado. Bored, StevieBumpkin2011, signing off!