Well, I'm super bored so I'll do another poem. This one might be depressing, but again, from the heart. Cool with you? It's cool with me. Quotations are new stanzas. Read On!

"Daddy, you're a hero.

But, Daddy, you're not home.

Daddy, don't you love me?

Daddy, don't you know?

"Don't you know I miss you?

Don't you know I need you here?

Don't you know I love you?

Though I don't shed my tears?

"Daddy, you are gone now.

But, please just come home soon.

Iraq is not a good place.

And, Daddy, I need you.

"You might not be with Mommy.

I might have her every day.

But, Daddy, you're my Daddy,

And I want you to stay safe.

"So, Daddy, I'll talk to you.

And I'll see when you're home.

A hug, kiss, a wave goodbye,

And then, Daddy, I'm alone.

Depressing, huh? Pray for soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan, and everywhere. Isn't this depressing? Yes, it was, don't lie. This is it for the night. I just saw a poem by an author named gamermom who wrote on called Hero for her brother in the Navy, so, review, please. Waiting, StevieBumpkin2011, signing off!