Take Me to Tokyo was officially disbanded in the spring of 2007, when it was announced that they would not be releasing a new album because the members had chosen to go separate ways. Their music remained popular for some time, but eventually, as all bands do, they faded from the mainstream spotlight. They have never officially reunited to release another album, although they have recorded some songs for soundtracks, and will often play for charity benefit concerts.

Tory founded an official organization known as Riffs and Roses to give to charities that Charlene had worked for or supported, as well as others that he sees fit to include on the list. He works closely with musicians and bands from various different countries and cultures to raise awareness for each cause. To date, no donation has been for an amount less than one million dollars. Because of his busy schedule (and possibly the fact that no one else has ever dazzled him as Charlene did) Tory has never married.

Ryan Harper and Eden DeAngelo married on Eden's eighteenth birthday. The after party lasted six hours; the marriage lasted three. The pair split up, and they haven't spoken since. Ryan went on to marry a girl he'd known during his time in high school who works with music, though not for a label or on a major scale. He's been working on a solo album under her direction. The album is planned to be a departure from the rock and roll styles of his younger days, and feature more songs that really mean something to both he and his wife.

Mark Richards never outgrew his shy, quiet personality. He met a girl who complimented it perfectly, however, at one of Tory's charity events. They are happily married with two children, and are expecting a third. Mark no longer records his own music, but he has gone on to start a record label for undiscovered bands hoping to make it big. Most of these bands leave the label for larger ones eventually, but Mark isn't bothered; he never expected his project to be big.

Landon Thomas returned to Britain for a grand total of six months before declaring he hated the place and returning to America. He lives in New York City with his wife, Eden DeAngelo. The two are happily married, contrary to what Ryan often says about them. Eden has stopped her pop star routine and is working on a more serious album under Dustin's careful direction. Landon has remained active in the New York branch of Riffs and Roses, and remains in close touch with Tory.

Dustin continues to manage Eden's career, as well as the career of the band Glass Houses, who came under his direction after they fired their old manager. The band is doing quite well under Dustin's management.

Nick and Abby remain happily married, with a single daughter named Charlene. Katrina is the little girl's godmother. Despite remaining friends with Nick and Abby, Katrina has somewhat grown apart from them, and now lives in Springfield. She has become quite active within the Riffs and Roses organization, and says that it is the least she can do for the best friend she'll never see again.

Charlene's parents have never quite recovered from their loss. In the fall of 2008, they divorced. Both still live in Springfield, though they never speak. Lisa remains a teacher at the local elementary school. William quit his job as a supervisor at the local manufacturing plant, and has become an important member of the Riffs and Roses organization in New Orleans, where he works in his daughter's memory.

Riffs and Roses remains a prominent organization to this day, and has spread world-wide. There is only one stipulation to making a donation to it: you have to agree that, when your money is donated to a final charity, it is donated in the name of Charlene Montgomery.