Similar but Different


There are many things in our life that may look the same, but can end up being very different.

These certain things are 'similar'.

Similar but different.

Does this sound confusing? Well let me make some examples.

There is a good ripe apple, and there is the apple irresistibly red and sweet.

There is a chocolate cake, and there is that unique chocolate cake whose flavor no one can equal.

There is a strong green plant, and there is a strong green plant decorated with various small but detail rich flowers.

There is a starry night sky, and there is the starry sky that can only be seen from the most uncontaminated and clean field in the middle of the country-side.

There is the person whom you hear, and there is the person who's every single world you absorb and save into your heart forever.

There is the person who hears you, and there is the one who listens and understands you in every way.

There is the person who tells you what can help you, and there is the person who follows you step by step to make sure you really end up alright in the end.

There is the person who hugs you to comfort, and there is the person who hugs you hoping to tear away all your sadness.

There is the person who's first kiss shared with feels special, and there is the person whose first kiss send sparks through your whole body and their following ones continue making you remember the first one over and over again.

There is the person who warms your heart, and there is the person who not only warms it, but fills and completes it.

There are the things that stand out to you, and there are the things you'll never forget.

There is the liking someone, and there is the loving them.

Similar but different.

And though many times you may think they are frankly the same, once you are found facing them the difference is obvious. You'll always know which one is which. You'll always know which one you are facing. You may try to deny it to yourself, but as the more you may try to convince yourself you don't know, the more it is clear to you.

And now the only way to close this is confessing what I feel for you. I know you might have thought what I felt for you was nothing but a mere 'like' because of everything that happened... but as similar as it may look the truth will always be obvious and clear.

I love you.

Similar but different.