I try to be

Your shield

And the pillar

That holds you up

When you start to fall

But when you reach for me

And I reach in return

You pull back

And I am the one

That begins to slip

There is

No one there

To catch me


Bring me back

To life

When my senses

Have gone dull

And my heart

Seems to have stopped beating

I'm tired

Of putting myself

In situations that I know

Will leave me vulnerable

To your venom

And anger

I'm desperate

To be free from you

But I can't seem to stop myself

From running to you

When you call out to me

In distress

I need you to understand

That all I want

Is for you

To be safe

And happy

But you accuse me

Of depriving you

Of the happiness and joy

You believe you can achieve

I want to help

Not harm

But every move I make

Is criticized

I can't take

Anymore of this

I wish

I could be your light

So I could lead you out

Of this tunnel of darkness

You are trapped in

But I can't be

That thing

That you are looking for

And I can't be

The help you need

So please

Just let me leave this mess

Unbroken and unhurt