Peter and the Wolf

Chapter 3: What happens happens

Noah left the apartment with a purple bruise on her arm and a sore cheek and ear. Steven had had a bottle full of beer in one hand and the television remote in the other when she and Jared had gotten home. She hated drinking, from what she learned in class it hurts your health and turns your brain to mush. She didn't like seeing Steven like that, she didn't like seeing people get hurt period…even if they were bad people. Steven put the bottle to his lips before lowering it as he noticed them walk through the door.

"Where the fuck were y'all?" he had said, never leaving his placement on the couch. "Y'all know what the penalty is for bein' late." Noah had sniffled as her nose began to redden and her eyes began to tear. "It's my entire fault," she had taken the blame again. Steven hadn't waited for an explanation on how it was her fault, but took it as an opportunity to attack her. He had stomped like a crazed rhino toward Noah, reminding her of a cartoon she had watched when she was four years old. Halfway to where she and Jared were standing he threw his beer bottle at her, hard. It had hit her arm and caused her to yelp. Jared looked slightly concerned, but didn't do anything. He had closed the door behind them and walked to his room where he proceeded to turn on his stereo and ignore anything and everything. Noah's ear was yanked by Steven, her uncle, and she yelped again. Her ear was burning and her arm stung but she just stumbled along as Steven threw her into a storage room made her room. She slightly tripped but full blown fell over as Steven slapped her in the face and pushed her to the ground. "I don't wanna see your face until it's time for you to cook dinner ya stupid little…" Steven had trailed off with the rest of his sentence and muttered other curse words under his breath.

Though Noah had cooked dinner she wasn't allowed to eat it but only watch as Steven and Jared slurped the overcooked noodles and chicken she had made. At least that's what Steven described them like. "Did you get this shit from the trash?" Steven had gurgled over his gulp of beer. She just tightened her lips and looked down. After they had finished she had done the dishes and went back to her room to practice her violin. She later heard yelling and a thud before seeing her brother walking past her closet room with a bloody lip and shooting her a dirty look. He always looked at her like that after a beating, like it was her fault, which it probably was. If Steven hit Noah, he had to hit Jared too to even it out as he put

As Noah walked down the metal grate stairs with her brother remembering the events of the night previous she began to sniffle. Her brother turned around mid-step to look at her. He glared and grabbed her hand and began to pill her down the stairs. "Shut up and walk faster, don't wanna be late for school too." She tripped and stumbled the rest of the way down the stairs and readjusted her backpack and violin case. The fall wind blew through her hair, turning it into a golden frenzy while her red jacket's hood flared up and down on her back.

Her feet made crunching noises on the cracked black road as she made her way to her brother's car. He had already gotten in and started it up by the time she made it there and opened the passenger door. "Hurry up, we gotta pick up Z," Jared stated before beginning to drive off way past the speed limit just as Norah had gotten her door closed. She barely had time to buckle up before the car left their apartment complex. As per usual she shut her eyes and squealed lightly, fearing for her life as they zoomed down the road at practically the speed of light, or what felt like it. Jared was never a safe driver, he didn't even have his seat-belt on right now.

Her arms soon grew tired as she dropped her hands from her eyes, peeked at the road, then lifted her hands to her eyes again to prevent becoming nauseous. The car came to a screeching halt so quickly that Noah flew within inches of the headboard then back into her seat due to her seat-belt. "Yo Noah, get in the back so Z can sit there," Jared said impatiently. Noah peeked from beneath her fingers, feeling elated she wasn't dead. "Hey, did ya' here me?" Jared grabbed her arm and shook her before she processed what he said and unbuckled her seat belt. Before she could get up the door was opened and a rush of cold wind hit Noah's face and made her shiver. "I don't think that will be necessary," Z as he liked to be called, Jared's friend, real name Zach proposed.

They had been friends since first grade as far back as Noah could remember. Though their friendship never changed, Zach did. He had become, weird. He was in a place where he could be described as Goth, but also a jock, but also slightly gangster. He was just there. The point where everything blends together and therefore cannot be described, neither good, nor bad, but there. He had piercing just below his lip, dyed black and awkwardly cut hair, and muscles. His wardrobe consisted of brooding shirts and ripped jeans. "She doesn't have to sit in the back; she can sit in my lap with me in the front." Noah disguised her hmph with a cough before scurrying into the car's back seat.

Zach laughed while Jared looked like Zach had grown another head. "Uck," Jared said simply before ordering Zack to close the passenger door.

Zach and Jared conversed as they drove to the school, making it there in barely two minutes due to Jared's high speed driving. They passed into the school's parking-lot that consisted of a total of twenty five cars due to the school's low population. Few people came to this school of the small amount that lived in the town; even fewer people who came here had licenses. Jared didn't seem to notice the large burley man stepping out of his car and neither did the large burly man. Jared came within inches of hitting him as they heard the man let out a girly scream with his eyes closed and his hands stretched out as if to try and block the car. After rushing to get out of the car to see if the man was okay they saw it was their principal, Mr. Krumble. "Oh shit," Jared cursed, rubbing his neck and looking at Mr. Krumble. When Mr. Krumble realized he wasn't dead he set down his hands and chuckled darkly.

"Mr. Charity," Mr. Krumble hissed with malice. "Come see me after homeroom," he said with final and promising tone. He walked away stiffly while pulling his suit jacket down to cover the stain in his pants. Only then did Noah realize that frightening principal everyone avoided at all costs had had an accident. Jared walked back to the car with a winning grin on his face. "Yo dude, did ya' see that?" Zach grinned and took out his phone. "Yah, I took pictures too." Zach congratulated Jared on making practically the scariest person alive wet himself before parking the Mustang and leaving, forgetting that Noah was still in the car. She giggled as she remembered Mr. Krumble's face, but still felt sorry for him.

She exited the car and began walking out of the empty parking lot before something caught her eye.

Peter was excited. He was living, out in the real world, for the first time. No, he wasn't feeling sorry for himself, he wasn't pondering which new ways he could try to kill himself, and he was living. After reading the brochure for the school Peter had gotten an idea. He was educated enough, he maths, history, his Pa' wasn't a stupid man and taught Peter a lot. The complications were easily taken care of. Peter had sold many of the things hanging around the house to a pawn shop, apparently they were antiques. He got a lot of money, which had changed over the years to something called a dollar. He got over $80, 000 just for an old rocking chair. With the money he bought supplies, anything he could use to survive in the modern world. He bought clothing with the help and recommendations of the store manager named Rita; a tan skinned woman who constantly chewed on something called chewing gum and had a bad habit of ending every sentence with 'OMG', whatever the fuck that meant. Peter also got a haircut, again Rita worked there too and decided that his hair was 'totally cute the way it was' and that he just needed to wash it. Peter's hair was washed with shampoo, which was like the scented soaps only the rich could afford back then. He bought supplies that were on the school brochure too, like lead pencils and books.

After he had time to organize everything he needed Peter came back to the school where he registered, which was extremely confusing for him, for the new semester if that's what it was called. He had taken ramming into the school as a sign, that maybe the school was a clue. The wolf might be hiding there; maybe it was able to turn into a human like he was. Not only that, but he wanted to see that girl again. She was cute as a kid, but when Peter saw her now… she was absolutely stunning. Her hair was more golden than ever, and long. Her nose was small and her eyes were big and just as gold as her hair. She seemed sad though, something in her innocent eyes. Peter was soon a registered part of Pleasantry High, the town's school for kids fourteen and up. The school was so cheap its computers completely overlooked the fact that he wasn't a registered person. When they asked for his certificate of birth he lied and said that he lost it, they didn't care either way. More money in their pockets, his Pa' would say.

After all the problems were dealt with Peter had finally come to this moment. His first day of school, ever, besides the lessons he got from his Pa'. He had a bag slung over his shoulder and was clean from the shower he with the water from the old water pump in his yard. He hadn't shaved so there was whiskers on his face, but at least he would blend in with the other people, he thought, walking through the schools parking lot for automobiles, something Peter had occasionally heard of back when he was still human, but never saw. He jumped at the loud sound of screeching tires and screaming, turning to find a car almost hitting the large man he had saw when hiding after crushing a hole in the school's back wall. He began walking again after he concluded that no one was actually injured, but stopped when spotting the main of curly gold hair. Through the rusted vehicles dirtied windows he could clearly see the girl. She was sitting quietly in the back of the car, but Peter sill noticed her. He also noticed the kid sitting in front of her. The male obviously wasn't a kid, but Peter would like to put him that way in his mind to stroke his own ego. The kid had black hair that looked unnatural and multiple piercings on his face. Peter growled due to the kid's close proximity to the girl before noticing the boy pull out a box shaped object before flashes of light appeared. Another boy was out of the car and talking to the big man who had clearly urinated himself. The boy got back into the car and drove away, with Peter's girl. Peter growled and ran after the car but calmed when he saw the car was just parking. The two kids got out of the car and closed the door after them, leaving the girl alone in it. She smiled, the reason unknown to Peter, before exiting the car herself and walking towards the closest entrance, which just happened to be the one Peter was standing next to. He turned, but not before the girl noticed him. He heard the small pitter patter of her small feet hit the ground before he felt a light tap on his soldier and heard a small voice stutter out, unsure of itself, "H…hi!"

Noah had noticed him standing by the entrance door, the boy she had accidentally run into. She ran closer to him in order to catch him before he left. "H," she stopped, unsure if he'd really want to talk to her, nobody ever really wanted to talk to her for some reason, but she couldn't help herself from saying, "Hi," anyways. He stopped turning, then looked over his shoulder back at her, "Mm," he mumbled and began to walk away. Noah walked a little faster to catch up. "Um," she bit her lip and looked up at the back of his head covered in a thick mane of black, brown, and slightly red hair. "I-I'm sorry for run-running into you the other day, I'm…I'm sorry if I hurt you," she looked down and began to walk away when she heard a slight suave chuckle. "Nobody could ever hurt me," he said, and disappeared down the crowded hallway.

Peter knew he was being an ass when he walked away from the apologizing girl, it stung him to hear her so sad, but he walked away anyway. Seeing her face really brightened up his day, she was so beautiful, though he hadn't seen many women in his life due to the fact of being locked behind an iron fence when he was a kid, he knew she was more beautiful than any artist could try to capture in a painting. Walking down the crowded hallway Peter got many stares, ones of curiosity, ones of boredom, and most of all, ones of want. The woman of this school stared at him with open lust, while the men stared at him with jealousy, wanting the same effect that he had when walking through a room. Many of the women introduced themselves to him, rubbing his arms with long nailed fingers and pulling down their shirts to show more of their chests. Some even bent over to pick up something that wasn't there just so their barely-there clothes ran up and showed their not-there underclothes would be more obvious. Had he been mistaken and walked into a brothel instead of a school?

Noah heard the whispers around the school as she walked down the hallway about the new kid, how good looking he was, though the girls had used more inappropriate words, as Noah though of them she blushed and looked down, covering her face with a curtain of her hair. She walked down to the end of the hallway, where it split into two separate hallways. Twelve classes lined each of these hallways. These two hallways were called Here, and There. Down Here was a class A-L down There was classes M-Y. You could go either Here, or There for your classes, Noah was going down Here, to class D, science. As she entered the class and sat down in her assigned seat, a small blue and bumpy textured seat that was very uncomfortable she heard rumors about the new kid. 'I heard he's a drug addict sent here by juvie to learn a lesson and to fall in love,' was the most believable one, a different one that was highly improbable was 'I heard he's a prince sent here by his royal parents to look for a bride,' and the most idiotic one was , 'I heard he's an undercover FBI agent sent here from the future to arrest Mr. Krumble who will end up funding a company that will later build robots that take over the world and live to exterminate any non-artificial life while also secretly looking for the woman who will become his wife in the future that just so happened to go to this school when she was young.' Noah didn't know how they had come up with that and didn't want to know. When it was time for lunch everyone filed out of Here and There to the building Z, the lunch building. Noah walked with everyone else, being pushed and prodded as everyone rushed to get there first. Noah walked slowly and calmly, yet sadly as she watched people talking and playing around with each other. She sighed and looked away as she pushed open the steel tipped doors of the lunchroom and was hit with the thick smell of fried potatoes, slightly burnt hotdogs, and cold pizza. She could just guess what was for lunch, not that she could afford anything since she had no money. She went to her usual brown, scratched and dirty table in the far corner of the wild room, next to a tall and wide window. She set down her wrinkled and patched messenger bag on the bench and set her head on the table. Her hair pooled around her face and tickled her nose, but she was soon half asleep, that is until she heard someone shout, "Heads up!" before a large and heavy foot ball flew into her face.

Peter had just exited the easiest and most boring lesson he had ever learned before he learned that it was the school's annual time for lunch. Apparently, during the directed time you would exit your class and make your way to the lunch building, where you give the designated people your money for a lunch. Many women saddled up to him as he made his way to the lunch room, asking if he wanted to sit with them. Whores, to put it simply, is what his Pa' would call them. They constantly whined as he ignored them and entered the lunch-building. The talking ceased for a matter of seconds before the swarming sound of whispers crashed down on Peter's sensitive ears and made him growl quietly, he could clearly hear them gossiping on his looks and how he had probably just come out of a penitentiary. He walked pass the questioning stares and into the small line that had grown where the food was being served. "The pizzas gross," a low and seductive voice stated, though to him, it sounded pointless and odd. "Really, that's why I brought my own lunch. I could share it with you; you'll just have to sit with me." Peter turned to see a girl pressing her hand into his arm and looking through her thick black hair to show thin blue eyes. "I'm Lia Lucci, I have a twin sister so don't get us confused…" she whispered, trailing her fingers down his arm. Peter picked up her tiny hand and held it in-between his fingers before dropping it by her side and walking away. "Hey," he heard a frustrated cry from behind him. "Where do you think you're going?" the hand again tugged his arm and once again he picked it up and threw it back to the girl's side. Peter didn't have time for this. He needed to be looking for the wolf. After pulling out a bill that said ten on it and handing it to a woman with several moles and practically no hair he picked up what looked like a sausage in-between oddly shaped bread and a bottle filled with what looked like milk? That's when he heard a shriek, then laughter.

Noah felt the ball hit her in the side of her face, crushing her cheek and hitting her nose. She screamed and fell back, almost out of her seat but steadied her rubber sneakers so they stuck to the ground and kept her in place. She placed one of her hands on the table and the other one on her reddening jaw and nose. She held her fingertips to her face and saw the small trickles of blood made shiny in the dull cafeteria light, run down her fingers. She cradled her face in her hand before she heard laughter and saw Zach run up to her and take the ball from the ground. "Hey Alex, why didn't you catch that?" Zach mocked, tossing the ball from one hand to the other. "What, ya' cross-eyed or something? Ya' freakish loser!" Zach then laughed and so did the majority of the lunch room. Noah shook with the effort not to cry before wiping the blood onto her sleeve. Noah then stood and grabbed her bag, pulling up her red hood so no one would see her sniffles. Her nose was red and puffy and her eyes were tearing and her cheeks red not only because of the football hitting her square in the face, but also because of her crying. She made it to the lunchroom's girl's bathroom before pushing open an empty stall and curling up into a ball on the toilet seat. Her knees were tucked so close to her face she could see the individual pieces of white lint stuck to her worn jeans. Tears fell from her eyes at a faster pace every time she balled a hand into a fist and wiped at her eyes with her knuckles. She heard the door squeak open, a loud footsteps making their way towards her stall. She backed herself up into the corner and set her face down on her knees. A shadow fell over her as the person entered the stall. Whoever it was kneeled and broke some tissue of the small role left in the stall. The person handed it to her; she took it without looking up and held it to her bleeding nose. "Are you okay," a deep voice rumbled.

Peter could feel a cold hatred seep through his bones as he watched the kid he saw in the car with the girl hit her in the face purposefully with a ball. The girl's nose bled, her face grew red, and she ran out of the room close to tears. Peter set down the food he had gotten and walked after the girl to where she had run. She was in a small room with what was called a toilet, which was supposedly like an outhouse, and was backed into a corner. She looked so small and fragile in that corner. Her hair was in disarray and he could hear her sniffling over and over. He knelt and ripped some cloth from a small roll before handing it to her. She took it and covered her reddened nose. Finally, after what seemed like forever, she looked up. Her eyes were glistened with tears and her ears were red from embarrassment. "Why a-are y-you h-h-helping me," she said while still sniffling. "Sh-shouldn't y-you b-be l-laughin' w-w-ith everyone else?" her words were slurred and her accent more pronounced as she cried. "Why would I do that?" she looked up at him as if he was crazy. "B-because y-your su-supposed to," she put it simply. Instead of answering to that he asked another question, one that he needed answered. "Why did he do that, is it because of him you are so sad?" Peter peered deeply into her eyes, pleading for the truth, but she just looked down. "What happens happens, I can't change that." Though it was not an answer, it was enough to get Peter angry. "Does it happen a lot, tell me!" he all but shouted, he had taken her shoulders into his hands and was squeezing them tightly when he heard her shriek and flinch away, only then did he realize that he was hurting her. He apologized and pulled her into his arms. Smoothing back her hair he hugged her tight, whispering, "Well that's gonna stop today darlin'." He set her down to clean herself up before exiting the bathroom and re-entering the lunchroom. A big group of teens sat in one large table, still laughing over the recent event and shoving each other as if it was funny. To Peter, it was not funny. He saw the kid sitting towards the middle of the table being patted on the back as if it was an accomplishment hurting someone's feelings, especially if that someone was as sweet and beautiful as the girl. It accrued to him he didn't even know her name, but didn't capitalize over that fact as he reached the large table. The talking there immediately ceased as if they could feel Peter's dark mood. He reached over, and grabbed the boy's popped collar, yanking him out of his seat. People began to scream and cheer as the kid stood up, backing away and trying to calm Peter down. "Look man, it was just a joke, no need to go crazy!" Peter didn't listen. Again he grabbed the boy's shirt, lifting him inches from Peter's face, before Peter's fist decided the kid's face needed a few readjustments.

The kid shrieked as Peter's fist flew back and forth on his face before at least twenty other teachers were able to pull Peter off. The boy was immediately taken to a hospital as Peter was taken to the Principal's office. He was sat in an uncomfortable padded chair with green floral print, in a dingy wide office filled with a small desk and a bookshelf lined with obvious fake books. The big man with a balding head that Peter had seen several times came in, along with several law enforcements. He sat down on the edge of the desk and stared with malice at Peter. "What do you have to say for yourself?" the man, Mr. Krumble by the tag on his shirt, asked. "He deserved it," Peter put it simply. Mr. Krumble turned red as Peter heard his teeth grind together. "Get him outta 'ere!" the man said. The two officers grabbed Peter's arms and locked metal chains on his arms. He was lead out of the school, his first day there, by two officers of law. People cheered as he was leading away, not because he stood up to Zach, they couldn't care less what he did to the girl, but because he looked cool while doing it.

Noah heard what the new student did for her, she was extremely guilty that he was arrested for it, but she couldn't help but smile as she remembered being held in his arms for comfort in the girls' bathroom.

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