She's so like me,

In so many ways.

She's like my sister,

And we're always getting carried away.

She beautiful, whether she knows it or not,

And has a heart of gold.

And she helps me out of my troubles,

Polishing me out of the mold.

She slightly taller than me,

And she laughs a lot.

And with her around,

My shell will never rot.

We look up to each other,

And we're like yin and yang.

With us around,

We never worry about a thang.

She's got so much life in her,

And a happy adulthood to come.

That girl knows, also,

I'll hurt her if she ever drinks rum.

We're the closest BFFs I know,

And we're always trying to be cool.

Even though neither of us care,

About what people say at school.

I'm the creative one

And she's the calm.

Even though she doesn't,

I wear lip balm.

So yes, Sam's my BFF,

It is totally true.

And I know you are reading this, Sam,

Yes, you.

So for you, my friend,

My mind is always set.

Because you're totally EPIC,

Being your bestie is something I'll never regret.

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