I have reached my limit of trusting people to do the one thing that is just not in their nature - be human. Everything that people claim makes us different from other animals is a forced farce. Acts of kindness, morality, selflessness and benevolence are rare from human to human though we cling to the belief that they are what make us different, special and human. A "soul" is the only separation between myself and a shark that rips apart and eats its prey. I have the same drives and needs but unlike the shark a bunch of holier than thou humans have set up a series of hoops I must jump through. In the quest to find the meaning of life humanity has created a false, miserable and pointless "meaning". Go to school to learn about the world that you and those like you are destroying. Go to more school so you can get a piece of paper that allows you to have a job that gives you enough money to survive. Throw away all of the money you earn for things you don't need but are told are necessary. You can't forage, hunt and survive like our ancestors and the other animals around you. Like my cat I've been domesticated turned into a pampered, fluffy joke that is trapped in a maze of dos and don'ts and can't break it's way out because the size and strength that allowed it to survive in the wild is gone. As we seek to make our lives more comfortable we only make them more meaningless and fake. The more we construct these niceties the crueler we become. We claim that we're different but we are only so much worse. We are a species that has lived far past the proper point. We continue to over populate and to destroy. We are not special as you see everyday from the animals fighting to get ahead in traffic, willing to rip your head off to get what they want, shooting people over a pair of shoes or a feeling of superiority... this is not what a life should be. What we have here is controlled and structured chaos. It's a cosmic joke. The biggest idiots of all are the ones who believe that they are smarter than anyone else.