I'm from bare foot summers spent running fast on asphalt

Keeping my feet from burning.

Finding snake skins on the deck, antlers in the woods and feathers in the grass.

Collecting, searching and learning about all the things and creatures in nature.

Cooling down in the shade of the trees,

Going heel to toe walking on the trunks of fallen giants.

Swinging high to try and reach the branches that crisscross in the sky.

Hands covered with dirt and chalk - knees banged and bruised from falling down while Running, biking and climbing.

Never still.

I'm from the cool kiss of autumn coming into the air.

The smell of bon fires and cold creeping into my sinuses.

Running and jumping into piles of multicolored leaves

Scattering them in my wake.

I'm from curling up with the cats in front of the fireplace.

Taking in the heat and being so very glad that it's cold enough to light it.

Never wanting to get out of bed

because the pile of blankets just feels so good.

Hot tea and relaxation

Waiting with baited breath for winter to come.

I'm from the first snowflakes of winter falling from the sky.

Waking up to white mornings and school cancelled.

I don't think I ever get dressed as fast as when there's snow on the ground.

Running through the drifts of snow

Grabbing it up with gloved hands and hurling the balls at anyone in the way.

Trudging through the snow to the neighbors house to get their sleds.

So much work but worth it for the fun.

Climbing the hills and sliding down them only to repeat the process.

Getting dark we all go inside

Chilled to the bone and tired. Resting.

I'm from the first blooming bulbs of spring.

The colorful flowers poking their colorful faces out of the mulch.

Picking daffodils and catching gypsy moth caterpillars.

My collections were endless.

Every day getting closer to summer

Every day getting more excited about the end of school.

Chasing squirrels up trees and eating Italian ice on the front porch.

I've never been so excited for a season to change.

I'm from long days and passing time.