My little box of creativity
where all my imagination goes,
all of life's insecurities,
reality's impurities,
becomes real.
No thought involved, it's just there.
My simple box of wonders
that has everything inside.
I know the in and outs
the shapes, the lines
only I hold the key
to unlocking all of its mysteries.

No lock can bolt it,
no chain can hold it,
its just there inside my head.
It's respectable and courteously to everyone it meets.
It's shy and unnamed
but still goes on
full of color and life itself.

It is my passion that has
no locks, no windows
no doors, no floors.

It has six sides, and it loves to rhyme,
and it laughs at everything that it can find.

It's sad, it's happy, and everything else in between,
it simply makes everyone smile
when everything else goes the wrong way.

It's my creative outlet;
myself in my mind.
It spans many cities
many mountains, many valleys
holding all of my hopes
and composes every dream.

It's my little magical box of everything.