Renee's P.O.V

"Kiley dont leave too," my eyes were pleading while her's did the same, but for another reason," Your the only person I have left after what happened.'

"Stop being such a damn baby, Ren, your not the ony one whose been hurting. Did you ever stop to think that maybe you were hurting the people around you and they can't stand to see you in pain? That's why everyone's left Ren, because they care about you, but you push them away." I realized this a long time ago, but won't admit it to anyone besides myself.

"Yeah. I get it. I'm messed up. I want people to help me, but wont allow anyone you ever thought about what's happened to me, Ky. How everyone I've ever loved has left me in crying in the dark? How nobody's asked me about how I've felt since it happened?" The tears in my eyes were finally spilling over. I glanced up at Kiley. The pain and hurt was evident in her eyes.

"I'm sorry. I never realized what it must have been like for you. I put myself before you and I should never have done that, but Rennie you need to realize that everyone's hurt and not just you. It affected all of us, not just you." Ky's eyes were full of pain and her tears spilled out too.

"I'm sorry." I said. Since the first tear fell, I haven't been able to stop crying. It affected me the most I suppose. I've been a walking shell since that day. It's been four months since it had happen. Since I lost the most important person in my life.


" Mom, have you called dad yet?" I asked for the tenth time that day. My mom glanced at me and then at her phone. The worry was evident in her eyes.

"Yes, Ren, that was the sixth time today." I could hear the irratation in her voice, like everytime I asked except there was something laced within her was worried and there could only be one reason why. He hadn't answered.

"Mom, we have to leave, I have to be there in five minutes. He's probably already there." I couldn't have been more wrong. The second we arrived mom got a phone call. The police had found Daddy's dead body on the highway. This is all my fault, I thought, If he didn't have to come here Daddy would still be alive. I didn't even realize I was crying until I felt the wetness on my hands. I looked at Kaylee, the tears were falling rapidly and I probably looked like she did. A drowning cat. My mom looked at me, the rage in her eyes scared me to no end.

"Ren, out of the !" She screamed at me. I sat there slightly stunned, she had never yelled at me before. Yes,there was the occasional scold, but never yelling. I looked at Kaylee, my little baby. I contomplated taking her with me. I finally decided that I should take her with me, after all she is my child. My four year old child.

"I'm taking Kaylee with me." I told her. The rage in her eyes grew as did mine.

"You will not touch her. She's my baby!" I wanted to push her out of the car so badly, but knew that wouldnt help me with getting my baby out.

" She's my child! I had her, I went through labaour! Not you!" She looked at me stunned. I had never used that against her, but now was different. The rage at her for blaming me was incredibly big, but the rage to try to take my baby from me was bigger.

"Your only sixteen. You can't take care of her." My mother said. I was about to kick her butt out of the car.

"That's my child and I will have her with me." I emphasised every word. I went around the car and got Kaylee out and started walking mother said something, but I ignored her. *Flashback*

That's why I'm curently living with Kiley. She just turned nineteen and moved out because her parents were always going on about how everyone else is perfect and your messed up. My angel was sleeping in her room, that was designed by her Auntie Paige. My angel is the best thing that ever happened to me, even if she was unexpected.

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