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Water Bunnies 01 - Searing (A Real Woman)

Victoria never picked up men in bars before, especially not on a gay bar. But there was just something about the handsome hunk of meat sitting at a table across from hers, begging to be picked up.

The poor guy had slid to the dirty floor in a wincing thud. She just had to pick him up.

Nothing like what she was secretly hoping to indulge in after such a long time of abstinence—the carnal kind.

And it didn't hurt that he wasn't bad looking either. Oh, no most definitely not. Although looking at him from afar, through the dim lighting of the bar with the queerest music playing on the background didn't show what he must be in close contact, there was no denying that muscular form that was all that needed to convince her…and made her fantasize.

But she did get her opportunity. And oh, what a pleasant surprise it had been…

He was broad-shouldered, perfectly fit and trim and tall judging from the way his legs wouldn't fit beneath the small table and had it gingerly stretched in front, he must be a delicious six feet and more. His dark tawny curls hung over his forehead while his yummylicious arms sporting bulging biceps was tucked beneath his head. Victoria couldn't very well make out his face or who he was—he might be anyone she knew.

So far, he was a mystery. A mouthwatering bundle of manly mystery…and she just can't wait to figure him out.

"Is he dead?"

Fauna prodded his tawny head with one heavily manicured nail, as soon as they settled him back on his chair. He never said a word while they were moving him. He was as it is, dead to the world—drunk.

"Nope not dead, momma," Victoria started searching his pockets.

"What are you doing to the poor man?" Fauna exclaimed in surprise as Victoria tried moving his legs straighter for better access to his pockets. And damn, his leg muscles were rock-hard beneath her searching palms, small tingles started climbing through her fingers.


Shontal, with his heavy blonde afro wig obscuring most of his face peeked from underneath the man's arms and gasped.

"Oh my! What a face this piece of beefcake has."

"Vicky! Stop groping the guy!" Fauna admonished.

Victoria gave her brawny gay friend a wicked grin and continued searching the snoozing man. She felt up his back pockets and ignored the way his wonderful backside felt and pulled out his wallet.

"Aha! Got it." She flourished the wallet and began rifling through the nooks and inserts. Finding the driver's license, she read it out loud to the other two. "Austin Simms…doesn't that name sound familiar?"

"Oh! I think I know him," Shontal who was peering over her shoulder scrunched his face, making his exaggerated make-up even more exaggerating. "I remember dating a guy named Austin. Maybe it's him! I should definitely check…"

With a squeal of delight, he moved and began touching the man's body in a perversely intimate way, even making pleased moans as he continued to grope. Victoria shook her head, grinning as she pulled him away.

"You dated a guy named Biggs, who used to live in Austin."

"Phooey! You're such a spoilsport, Vicky-doo."

"Vicky, we need to get him out of here soon," Fauna prodded the man's bulging biceps. "The whole armada is going to come any minute now and I've heard the spies are up on their slots by this time. They've reserved the whole club for a 'special' meeting."

Victoria who had been ogling the picture on the driver's license like a love struck groupie started at the news.

"The whole family?"

Fauna nodded, his huge square earrings bobbing. "Heard from Cissy they're planning on something huge. You, Vicky need to disappear soon or things are going to get ugly."

"You're right, momma." Victoria grinned wickedly. "I doubt they would love to see my face after what I did to their cousins."

"Those Mafiosos are always up to no good, Vicky, even after you sweep the whole district free." Fauna admonished, sliding one muscular arm through hers. "You're a woman! You should be thinking of settling down, marry a hottie like this cupcake. Not chase fat-ass bad guys who put fake bananas in place for their dicks."

Used to her friends' crude language, Victoria merely rolled her eyes. How many times had she heard the same words, but from different people? But she knew they only have her best interests at heart and she was glad that they cared so much about her. She was just too stubborn to let go of the responsibility that she instilled to herself...that's not even hers anymore.

"I'm a Special Operations Agent, it's my job. And besides I don't think I would ever find the right man for me. You know," She waggled her eyebrows. "The one who could keep up with me…if you know what I mean…"

"Oh, you mean the man who can make you scream in repeated orgasms or the one who could climax along with you?" Shontal asked nonchalantly while running smooth strokes across the sleeping man's tawny tousled hair. "Or is it a man who could dominate you without you killing him first?"

Victoria giggled at the gay's lewd comment. "Ooh, I wouldn't complain with any of the three…or all three."

Shontal keened. "That's my girl! Threesome it is!"

"Well, just don't get too distracted or you'll forget some of the more important things in life." Fauna added with a corner tilt of his very red lips. "We know you still wanted to be the superwoman that will purge this dreadful city's dark streets off criminals and the lot. But you should remember that your daddy didn't let you join the police force just so you would throw your life away…"

"Momma, I—"

But a yelp from the sleeping man startled them and Shontal gave them an apologetic grin as he knelt behind the chair.

"Couldn't resist. Did you feel how hard he is? Oh my skivvies are sopping wet already!"

Victoria sighed and exchanged a look with Fauna, the man who had adopted her ever since her father died from war and left her an orphan.

"I got his address. I'll be taking him home."

There was a groan from the man as he lifted his head off his arms. He stood up all of a sudden and pinned the three of them with a hard stare as they looked back in alarm. Victoria felt all breathe leave her lungs as she took her first look at the man that had driven her restless even from across the bar.

And oh my, someone call the fire brigade, her panties are on fire! Oh my god, he was a definite hunk! But it was his eyes that captivated her…bright, blue and brooding beneath thick drawn eyebrows. So that's what bedroom eyes looked like… Damn!

No guy had ever looked so desirable in one setting that Victoria knew that not only Shontal's skivvies were sopping wet. Every gay and girl present at the club was practically gawking.

"He's probably gay or bi. No guy looking as handsome as sin could be straight." Shontal voiced out and Victoria couldn't help feeling depressed at such a possibility.

What else could be the reason why he was there? At a gay bar, nonetheless!

The guy, Austin Simms, glowered at them before swaying down over Shontal who screamed in surprise, only to giggle afterward, shrieking, "Paradise, baby!"

"I better take him home. I think he's sober…enough."

Victoria sidled beside Shontal, who gave her the long hairy eyeball that was emphasized by the very long length of his fake eyelashes, and took the guy's arm, slinging it over her shoulder. It was a good thing that she was well-trained and sturdy; she could carry his weight with ease. She had a sudden image of his body covering hers skin to skin, and she won't mind one bit.

Oh dear! Better call another police. The guy wasn't at all safe with her!

"Vicky, are you going to take him to his home or your home?" Shontal asked slyly as she urged the guy to move, heading towards the back exit.

"His home, Shontal. I'm not going to take advantage to this poor guy. He's barely aware of what's happening to him at present!"

"Exactly why you should bring him to your home!" Fauna added following her outside. "I bet it's been a long time since your pussy last had some—"

"Momma!" She admonished with a grin and the two men giggled.

"What? This gorgeous man practically dropped from heaven and landed straight in your arms!"

Shontal squealed his girlish laugh. "Oh, the irony of it all. Men used to bring home foxed girls to have their way with them. And now, it's our very own Vicky… and she's supposed to be on the side of justice!"

"And I promise to keep my hands to myself."

They hailed a cab for her and her other load. She peered over the window and whispered low to the other two.

"I'm coming back later to take a peek. Open the foxhole for me, wil'ya?"

"Will do, honey. Be careful, alright?"

Victoria shrugged. "I'll be fine."

"No, I mean the guy. Be nice to him, alright?"

"And go easy with the handcuffs. I heard they chafe."

"Oh please…" she started but couldn't help teasing. "I'll use scarves!"

The cab rode away leaving the two men laughing gaily in their wake. After Victoria told the cab driver where they were going—to a high-fallutin' condo at that, the guy must be really loaded—she took her time to assess him.

He slumped on the other side, his hair delightfully mussed as it pressed against the glass. He was asleep now although occasionally he steered and moaned, frowning and looking at her in a strange way.

"Hey, Mr. Simms, can you hear me?" She had prodded him at one point.

"I-I'm…" he whispered in a deep, husky voice. "I'm not…"

Victoria leaned closer to hear what he was about to say but he was gone before he could say anything worth listening. She slumped down back in her seat and adjusted her leather jacket over her skimpy black dress. Sigh…The one night she indulged herself by having a good time and here she was, forced to baby sit an inebriated man that she didn't even know. Could her evening get any worse?

And the mafias are on it again. Couldn't they just quit it already? She had spent the better five years of her twenty-seven years of existence, only to chase around Don Federico and his goons who kept messing up their operations in the city. She's so close to finding out who the real head huncho was…she couldn't afford any more delays or the year-long operation—and her several sources turned spies, the people who placed their lives in her protection all—will all be in danger for naught.

This operation rested heavily on her shoulders and her conscience. Her poor father…serving the country in return for his life…all she could do to honor his memory was to do as much as he did: saving lives, apprehending criminals and fighting for justice. God knows how much the world needed as many police officers like her.

She needed to rid the streets first off from the darkness, and the biggest on her list was Don Federico and the elusive Big Daddy…maybe then she'll think of her future, like finding the man meant for her and then have a family.

She turned towards the man beside her. With a slight tug, he swayed towards her. She pushed his head against the head rest and snuggled her head beneath his chin.

Sigh…now this is heaven.

She could pretend, right? Even for just the duration of the whole cab ride.

Austin didn't know what madness drove him to get inside the shabby gay bar just across from where he usually hung out. It was never his scene and he felt the decision was right at that time. He's had enough of the same faced women who he kept meeting at the usual spots, the same drink, the same flirtation and seduction, the same made rush to hurried sex, the same no-phone-numbers-switches…the same boring routine.

He needed a change. He needed something else, something new or he'll probably scream in agony. And the strobe-lights, decadent music and the bottle of Jack that he had downed with passion, were just the thing…and he was happy!

He didn't give a damn that he kept getting eyed at and lusted over—even felt at—by the gays passing by. He knew there were woman around the place and the fact that they might've thought he was gay or bi, he felt content of the privacy of his own company.

But damn, the whiskey still managed to sucker him in. He'd never felt so…in pain.

The headache stabbed so painfully through his head that he couldn't help groaning.

"Whoa, there…stay put while I get your key card…thanks. I'll take him, don't worry."

"Take your time, ma'am. Uh, maybe, I should—"

"Its fine, I got him."

Wait a minute…who was the female voice talking? He couldn't remember ever picking any woman. He couldn't even remember talking to any woman. By God, he was at a gay bar getting drunk!

"W-where're you… where're you taking me?" Austin heard his voice was slurred but forgot about it when strong hands gripped his waist.

Whoah! It couldn't be. It couldn't be that he was with a…a…

"I'm…I'm not…"

He heard a sigh and the sultry voice of someone unmistakably female answer. "I'm not what? You've been repeating the same line ever since the club. Just spill it out wil'ya?"

No, it couldn't be a woman. There were men who sounded like women these days. Especially at that bar he just went to…anything could be possible. Technology was progressive nowadays.

"I'm not…" The bright light blinded him and all he could do was squint. He waited for a few moments for his throbbing head to let him get accustomed to the bright light. He could feel a smaller form, feeling both hard and soft curves flushed against his side, then the gentle swaying of the elevator riding up. "I'm not…who you think I am."

"Finally, something coherent," She—or he—chuckled and Austin started at the helpless response of his body to the sultry sound. "I didn't think you are anything less."

"No, what I meant was…"

Damn! His head swirled with sounds and he could hear the familiar ding of the elevator signaling they have reached a floor. That sound was definitely familiar so that means they were in his condo unit…in his building.

"Wait, are you… are you taking me home?"

"145th floor, Commodore Building, yes, I think I am."

He felt a hand slide up his back, just as a similar hand slide up his chest as he was being urged forward. He ordered his shaky legs to move, finally managing to open his eyes a fraction.

Yes, he was definitely at his building. That familiar blue rug carpeting muffling their steps and vase by the hallway foyer were in its place—familiar as well. But the woman—man—who was guiding him wasn't familiar at all.

In fact, if he could remember—through the fog that his memory had turned into—he'd seen a sight of her surrounded by overdressed, over made up faces and over boisterous men in wigs…surely what the club hosted for.

So that only meant that the person who was practically feeling him up as she/he led him to his condo unit, was no woman…

"We're here. Have you sobered enough to handle the card slot or do I have to baby you and do it for you?"

She/He was even flirting with him…maybe waiting for the right opportunity to pounce? Austin was a definite straight and he never hooked up with anyone with a dick like him. It would be…difficult.

"I'll do it." He growled, snatching the card from her/his grip.

She/He was taken aback by his fierceness but he ignored it. Swaying away from her supporting frame—yep, those were definitely muscles—he tried aiming for the slit by the door. He missed. Feeling nauseous, he leaned against the highly polished wooden door and tried again. And missed.

"Here, let me do that."

Before he could protest, she/he had taken it from his grip and had the card read by the automatic lock in a jiffy. He opened his mouth to thank him/her and to give a good telling off that he wasn't at all interested and that he/she could leave, when instead came out was a hiccup…and all the Jack Daniel he had consumed.


And he/she was unfortunately on the receiving end of it all.

"Disgusting! Look what you did! And this was my favorite coat too… oh no…" Her face scrunched up in disgust but what irked him so was that she wasn't in the least bit hysterical…as any woman would be. Austin didn't want to but he knew he had to make it up to her/him. She/he did bring him home.

"I'm really sorry…I didn't…Come in and wash up."

She/he looked up at him and glared, her piercing brown eyes making him uncomfortable even if he was only half-aware of what was happening.

"You better. I can't go back when everyone could practically smell me before they can see me…"

Austin followed her/him inside, holding on against the wobbling of his knees. He needed a heavy dose of caffeine, pronto. Then maybe he could properly face the enemy.

"The bathroom's down the hallway, to the right. I'll be back with clothes you could um…wear."

She/he only huffed and proceeded down the hallway. Austin meanwhile ran to his bedroom and to the en-suite bathroom, splashing his face with cold water. He looked at himself in the mirror and groaned. He looked like shit and his mouth tasted like he went dumpster diving.

Finally becoming better aware of his self, he quickly brushed his teeth and decided to forego dressing until the man/woman was out of his unit. He couldn't take chances.

He rummaged through his drawers in his walk in closet and found his old gray shirt and jogging pants. He heard the shower turned on as he headed to the bathroom. He hesitated by the doorway before knocking.

"I have some spare clothes here."

"Uh…just leave it there and uh…do you mind if I use your bathrobe? I kind of took liberties with your shower and all."

"No, it's cool."

Gritting his teeth, he set the clothes and a bathrobe at the hamper by the doorway and proceeded to the kitchen.

Getting drunk, a ride to his condo, now in his shower…he knew how things were headed after that. And damn if he would let that man/woman take advantage of his being foxed. Earlier he had assessed that he had a foot taller over her, and she/he was practically smaller than his large form. But damn he couldn't forget he/she had a strong grip…and muscles. Damn those muscles…ripely curved hard and soft in all the right places.

Well, we'll just see after she/he gets out of the shower.

Not a few minutes later, she/he appeared by the doorway and stood staring at him wearing nothing but his bathrobe. Austin blinked a few times and couldn't help getting mildly surprised.

His large bathrobe dwarfed her/his form, making it harder to check if he/she got manly or womanly curves. Well, maybe he/she was a small built man…so it means he had to undress her/him first.

And exactly why did that thought thrill him all of a sudden?

"Um…thanks for the shower and all." Her/His voice even held that feminine breathy sigh, low and husky, and womanly in a way. Well, the voice could easily be fooled…

"No problem. I should be the one who should thank you. In fact," He moved out of his hiding behind the counter and approached him/her. "Why don't I offer you something to drink…to show you my gratitude, I mean."

She narrowed her gaze suspiciously in his direction. Easy boy…don't rush. Just let it flow easy then when he/she is unaware, make a grab at the bathrobe and reveal what he/she really is… he thought grimly.

Circling the center table, he approached her with two glasses filled with red wine.

She tilted her head to one side and one long wet lock of brown hair fell. He stopped in his tracks. Well, she/he might've had some kind of wig on. Real good adhesive…

"Aren't you already down for the count? Even if you did throw it all back out. On me."

He chuckled—sincerely finding humor in him/her—and answered as he drew nearer. "I'm feeling perfectly fine now and I sincerely wanted to thank you."

"Well, in that case." She/He gave him a calculating gaze before accepting the offered glass. "Wait, I'm curious…"

He lifted an eyebrow as he looked for an opening to pounce. The robe's sash was tied tight in the middle. He would find a hard time wresting it away before he/she thought he was interested. He might've had to pounce on her first…which he/she would probably take as an invitation.

Damn it!

"What is a man like you, Austin Simms, be doing in a gay bar?"

He stopped in his tracks. How did he/she know his name? As if reading his thoughts, she/he held up his wallet and grinned.

"I'm sorry. I took liberties. Don't worry, I didn't steal anything. I just needed to know how to get you home."

"And then what?" He challenged. That final remark was all he ever needed to convince him to capture him/her…and then call the police.

She frowned. "What…what do you mean?"

But he didn't answer anymore for he found his perfect opportunity. He moved fast and grabbed both his/her wrists and they both stumbled on top of his dark couch, pinning her/him under his heavy weight.

She/he gasped and tried wriggling out of his grasp but he had a firm hold on her arms for her to be able to do anything. He had his legs clamped over on top of hers which proved her/him completely immobile.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"I know what you were thinking when you brought me here…and you act like some innocent only to catch me unawares before pouncing on me and then what?" He ground on her/him fiercely. "Are you going to tie me up, force your way on me and then steal everything in here?"

"Me?" Her/his brown eyes flashed with fire and anger and she/he slackened in his hold, not anymore fighting to get away. "You're the one who's on top of me I should be the one calling you off! Let go off me, right now!"

"Not until I see that you're a rapist guy, just waiting for the right opportunity—"

Then she/he laughed. A laugh that was unmistakably high and an octave higher than possible for a man…unmistakably female.

"You think I'm a guy?"

He blinked. "Aren't you?"

Then the mist clouding his mind finally lifted and he looked his fill at closer view.

She did have that musculature of a well-trimmed woman and because of her ample height she could be any small man in the world. But those two lumps standing out between them and pressed against his chest weren't manly. Those huge eyes framing feminine contours of a fair face with just a touch of tan weren't manly as well. And her hair, long brown and curling damply, fanning seductively over the dark couch, was definitely not a wig.

No way, he just made a mistake.

But he just made a second one when he slackened his hold on her—definitely her—while he was looking. She wrapped her lean legs around her waist and rolled him to the side. Now she was on top of him, her hold strong and tough for a woman. He struggled to break free and her elbow landed hard on his throat in a wrestling hold that efficiently put him on the helpless side.

"You thought I was a…a man?" Her eyes mocked him and he was unable to do anything than to stare in surprise. "Well, in that case, I'd better prove you wrong, don't I?"

She released him and stood far away from his reach. He rubbed his aching throat, still sprawled on the seat of his sofa and watched as she begun untying the laces of his robe.

She stood straight, gave him a crooked grin—unmistakably womanly judging from the way it simply sent a fire of desire raging through his veins—before dropping the robe to the floor.

Before him stood a woman. Creamy breasts tipped with beautiful pink nipples, a narrow waist down to lean womanly thighs. His gaze zeroed in on her dark nest of curls hiding her femininity and he swallowed hard…as he felt himself grow hard.

"And here I thought it was just my strong personality."

He tried to talk but he had gotten tongue-tied. Not to mention the blood pounding on his ears, through his system and straight to his aching groin was driving him to confusion.

She gave him one last smoldering look before she turned away, padding stark-naked towards the bathroom. Not a few moments later, she got out dressed back again into what she must've been wearing under the long leather coat.

The slinky black dress that hugged every womanly curve and showed a healthy amount of real breast suckered him in like a shot of tequila. Her nipples beaded behind the dark material and Austin felt his mouth water.

"W-Wait, I—"

She held up a hand to silence him.

"I want my jacket returned by the end of the week, dry cleaned and smelling brand new. My card is in one of the pockets. Use it to contact me."

She headed towards the door about to leave but not before throwing back at him a wicked grin that did all things arousing to his system, most especially to his prick.

"I have to say, I thought you were the gay one…"

Then she left.

He scampered over the furniture, through the door, to the hallway but she was already gone. He went to the elevator and found she was already halfway down. Cursing to himself, he went back to his condo to the bathroom where the stained jacket spilled on the floor. He searched the pockets, careful not to touch his own vomit and came upon her name card.

Insp. Victoria Miles, Special Operations Head of 27th division, District A.

Fuck! He just tried to accost a policewoman.

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