This is my first ever story so please be kind. I'm posting it on here because I'm hoping I can get some feedback. Read it and let me know what you think, please.

Disclamer:I tried to be original as possible with the story, but I do have some of my favorite things from other novels that I have read. They belong to their respective owners, and I didn't use them to be malicious. I simply used them because I liked them and thought they fit well with the story. This mostly applies to the later chapters. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

My body slowly sinks into a pool of my own blood as spots of white start to dance behind my closed eyelids. Please let death come soon, without too much more pain, I think as I lay on the cold tile floor of the kitchen in the house where I grew up. The fact that I am now dying in the place where I was born is slightly ironic. I find the urge to laugh slightly surprising. I've never laughed at death before. I must be delusional, I thought. While lying here on the floor smiling because I don't have the strength to laugh out loud as I want to, I notice that my killer has fled. I can't feel his presence anymore, can't feel those dark, angry emotions anymore, and can't hear his mind, that cruel, murderous mind, which I should have been suspicious of the second it went silent. With me being on the brink of death now only proves that just because you can read and control the minds and emotions of others, doesn't mean you know everything. The face of my killer is the last thing I see in my mind's eye before everything fades away into oblivion.

Please comment, but don't hate. It's my first one. I've made some minor changes to the story, with my writing teacher's help. Hope it makes it better.