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Chapter 1

Sometimes people meet people...Sometimes.

"Je t'aime et Je vous veux." She said awkwardly, her face blushing. That was all she said that night. Standing in his room, his apartment. There was dim lighting in his room from an old lamp with one light burnt out. He was sitting on the end of his bed, previously staring at his floor, now staring intensively at her.

Ruby thought Blake was the one. She sat down on the bed next to him and held his hand, he kissed her just like it was the first time they kissed, through the warm tears running down her face. If we've seen enough movies, we all should know how this scene ends.

Ruby woke up and Blake was still there. She wrapped her arms around him and smiled. She laid there thinking about many things. To her the situation felt so right. To so many others, it was so wrong. Blake and Ruby had been in and out of their relationship since Ruby's freshman year of high school. It was also Blake's junior year when they met. But they had thought they hit it off. And now, Blake is a junior in college. This was one of the things Ruby was thinking of.

But from here, you should know what happened, all those years ago. We'll start with Ruby's first year, starting at her new high school. Ruby was nervous because she had just moved into a small town, in Minnesota a week ago and didn't have a chance to meet anyone yet. It was still the beginning of the school year, but it wasn't the first day of school. She had her parents drive her to school purposely a little late, since she was nervous. The whole ride she was anxious so it was awkward for her parents, sitting in silence.

As she arrived at school she got out of the car, grabbed her bag and waved goodbye to her parents, not able to find a word to say. She walked up the school's lawn and into the school. Emotions over-whelmed her as she walked through the double doorways and through the halls.

She walked into the office and was greeted by the secretary."Hi, I'm Ruby Mitchell. I just transfer here and I am starting today." she said more as a question than as a statement as the secretary looked up her file. Ruby started looking around. Her desk had a name tag on it that said, "Mrs. Green". The office looked like the inside of a wood cabin with a few scattered potted plants. The environment was so overwhelming and different to her.

"Oh, yes here you are." Mrs. Green said clicking her mouse and pressing buttons and the sound of a far away printer starting up was heard, printing out information for Ruby. She walked over to the printer and got the papers.

As she was walking back the door to the office opened behind her. Ruby turned around this was the first time she would see Blake Lewis. Blake was stunning in the eyes of ruby, dark brown hair, that was a few inches longer than most guys but still short enough that there was no way to mistake him for a girl and grey with a green tint in his eyes. He was wearing a tight black shirt that made him look buff with broad shoulders and blue denim jeans.

Ruby didn't want to embarrass herself so she turned back around and took the papers from Mrs. Green. "Thank you so much." Ruby said to her, and put the papers in her bag.

"Not a problem, hold on a second there are more papers, let me just help Blake out first." Mrs. Green said and turned to Blake. It seemed that this town was a small enough town where everyone knew everyone so Ruby didn't seem surprised when he was greeted. "What is it today Blake?"

"I was absent yesterday, just dropping off this note." His voice sounded like an angels to Ruby.

"Blake may I see your schedule? I would like to see if you could help out miss Mitchell here." Mrs. Green said causing Ruby to blush the same shade as her name.

"Of course." he said handing over his schedule. Mrs. Green intensely looked it over.

"It seems all you have together is home room but I guess it's good enough." She said handing back Blake his schedule, and handing Ruby hers. Blake then looked over at Ruby, who had dirty blonde hair and periwinkle blue eyes. A smile grew across his face and Ruby looked away embarrassed.

"Okay thank you miss." Ruby said and turned around to walk out the door. She didn't realize it but Blake had followed. She stopped outside the door as he passed.

"So would you like me to show you around? Maybe give you a tour during lunch?" He said, starting to walk away, and Ruby joined him. She figured he knew the school better than him, and could get them to home room faster.

Ruby wasn't used to the school, town, kindness, or anything yet so she was a bit confused. She had just moved to This town from the ghettos of New York. "Sure I guess." She answered as politely as she could, while walking down the empty hallways; the first bell hadn't rung yet.

Just then, Blake stuck out his hand signaling her to shake it. "I haven't properly introduced myself. I'm Blake Lewis. And you're the new transfer student that all I know is that your last name is Mitchell."

"I'm Ruby Mitchell, I ju-" she was about to explain herself but he cut her off.

"So were you named after the shade of red you turn when you're embarrassed? That seems kind of cruel." He chuckled.

"Hey that's not funny." She said, playfully smacking his shoulder.

"I am just kidding here!" He said throwing His hands up. "So nice to meet you. Now shake my hand like you never did." He said, offering his hand again and she took his hand.

"Nice to meet you too." She said, smiling as they walked into homeroom.

As it turned out, the Homerooms were mixed with students of all grades. She walked up to the teacher and gave him a sheet of paper; not giving her much instruction he pointed her to a desk near Blake's.

"So we meet again." He said as she walked over and sat down.

"Yes and you never let me explain myself. I just moved here. Okay I'm done."
And this was how things were for the next month. Friendly, calm, it was really nice. But things can't always stay that way.