Years ago 3 children were born with remarkable powers beyond belief. At first they were shunned for their being different but when all humanity was threatened the exclusive race of 3 was called on. Saving the world of Arganonex from the Agnie, the now powerful 3 were praised for their heroism and were labeled 'The Ultimate's' for being above everyone else.

When a new form of evil lurks through the lands of Arganonex and the Ultimates have long since passed, the world seems to know and 3 brave children are born to be the new set of saviors. With souls of steel and hearts of purity they conquer the evil and settle down into the praise of the human race yet again.

Now after so many years of peace over Arganonex an evil is stirred deep in the Verzent Mountains and so the new age of Ultimates is put in course. Danger is close as the children grow into their powers and discover their purpose. An army begins to form and stretch over Arganonex, will the young heroes be able to save this new reign of evil or be just another 3 to fail?