I stand here,
As the child you never wanted
As the proof of your worst mistakes.

I stand silent as you
Scream into the heavens
Ranting about the life you can never have

I struggle
Not to beg you for forgiveness
For what I know not

You reach out,
Grasping for my lifeline,
Snatching it away from my empty hands

You wish that I'd never been born,
And I silently agree with you
Just this once

You claim me,
Just what I'd hoped for (kind of):
Your little sh*t, and I will listen to you

I don't know why,
But I still seek your approval
And your love

And I hate that.
Why can't I go off on my own now?
Why do I keep crawling back to you,

I am covered in dirt and blood
And still I return?
No wonder you hate me: so do I.