Dear Sis,
Do you remember when we were young?
When you'd sneak to the door to check if our parents were there,
Then jump quickly back into bed if they were
Or into mine, if they weren't?

Do you remember when you'd ask me for a story, or a song?
And I'd talk about what I'd learned at school that day,
Because you were too young to go with me?
Or I'd tell you about the politics I'd heard on the radio,
When you weren't listening because you were playing dolls?

I'd sing you a song that I made up,
or your favorite one, from Barney, except we changed the words?
"I love you
You love me,
We're a happy pair of sisters"
Even though it didn't quite fit the tune, you loved it.

Dear Sis,
Do you remember when you asked me to give you dance lessons
in the dark?
And I'd hum, and we'd pretend to dance with dolls, or imaginary partners
And sometimes, after a few minutes or hours of dancing,
I'd start giggling, and say
"Five little monkeys,
Jumping on the bed…"
And your little voice would chime in
Do you remember those days?

Dear Sis,
Do you remember when I told you stories about sleepaway camp?
And how I got to swim and learn archery,
And I was all set to be a woodsman -
I could live for years off the land
And I would take you with me.
Do you remember those nights?

Dear Sis,
Do you remember when our parents would come in and yell,
because we weren't sleeping?
And when they left, you'd wait until you thought I was asleep,
And then you'd crawl into bed with me?

Dear Sis,
Do you remember those innocent days,
When I was still the person you looked up to?
When there was almost nothing that our parents couldn't know about you,
But we pretended we were spies and on a top secret mission anyway?
What happened, sis?
Why did you start with the drugs and the sex?
When did you stop looking up to me, and start wanting all that?
Was there something I missed,
Something I could have, should have, said or done?
Is this my fault?

You were such a sweet little girl, Sis.
I miss that girl.
Please come back.
I'll tell you another story,
Sing you another song.
We'll find something we have in common,
I won't criticize, or patronize, or lecture.
I'll just be your big sister for one more night.