Oh, How Life Changed

Have you ever thought how much life as changed for you? How the people changed around you?

Life is a bitch. It can turn your happy years of sunshine and toys into stress and complications. Into a world so unknown and heartless that you ask, how the fuck did I get here? And how do I get out?

News flash. You can't. You were already here since the day you were born. When you grow older, you're brain changes. So does the adults around you. You were already in the hellhole. It's just that the rainbows of colors were an illusion. It gets stripped away one by one until you're faced with the truth.

Now onto the next question, how did the people around you change? One day, you're sitting in the classroom playing with action figures and dolls; the next, you're sitting in the detention room getting shunned from the popular cliché and pushed around by the bullies.

Don't you miss the old days? Both girls and boys actually playing together? And I don't mean the kind of play when the girl gets knocked up whether she wanted to or not. I mean when the boys helped get the sand, and the girls pat it down in the bucket. They pass it to each other, hands after hands after hands until it's fully packed down and ready to be made into a castle. Where did that go?

The parents and teachers always say, when you need help, ask you're classmates or me. But then when you finally do ask for help, it gets jacked up into something worse. Say, you need help with you're homework. Option A is to ask you're classmates. Like hell would they help. Why the hell do I have to help you? Ask someone else, is what they would say.

Option B, ask the teachers or parents. Not the best thing to do. Do you know what the teachers would do? Call the class to a stop and answer it together with everyone. You don't think that's bad? How about when you get blamed for having time get wasted just for the teacher to do the question for you. Now, the parents. They try to help. But usually they get the question wrong. Now here's where it all starts. They call the teacher; complain about how their child doesn't understand the homework, and BAM. The same results happen when you ask a teacher for help.

When you're a kid, you can do whatever you want, and get away with it just because you're small. But when you're older, you get blamed for every single thing that even might have you're name on it. Putting your pants on wrong? No biggie for a 6 year old. Putting your pants on wrong when you're a 16 years old? A shit load of humiliation will be on its way right to your doorsteps.

Oh, how life changed.