His sharp blue eyes trailed over her neck; watched the way her head inched to the side as he moved in closed to her, exposing more of her creamy white collarbone.

Her already shut eyes tightened when a thumb fingered her dry lip, and a soft, barely audible moan passed her now parted lips as he drug her rosy bottom lip apart.

She breathed heavily on him as his knee was brought up in-between her legs, trapping her against the grey brick wall, and she wrapped her long, slender legs around his waist.

Fingering the back of his now unruly dirty blonde hair with one hand, the other slowly travelled down past his chest to rest upon his apparent rock-hard abs that were outlined sexily in his white dress shirt, proudly protruding for the world to admire.

"I want you," he growled against her lips and a shiver tore up her spine.

A surprised, choked moan escaped her mouth as he applied more pressure between her legs, and her fingers tightened in his hair.

"Oh god…"

He chuckled at the sentiment, and the deep vibrations ran through her body.

His head dipped n the crook of her neck and his hot breath fanned her throat as he started to press soft chaste kisses upon her jaw, far too innocent an action for the situation they were currently preoccupied in.

His plump pink lips travelled down her jaw and smooth neck, over her collarbone and towards her shoulder. Each passing kiss made the brunette's groans throatier, and her breathing unsteady and rushed as he made sure the pressure between her legs became slowly unbearable.

Blue eyes gazed up lazily at the ecstasy on the girl's face and suddenly, his restraint snapped, wanting to taste the brunette badly.

A long, heavy moan of pleasure ripped past her lips as his shiny white teeth imbedded themselves in her pale silky neck, and pleasure ran through both intertwined bodies in a most unnaturally sensual manner.