"Ali Crawford?" the mailman asked.

"That's me." Ali replied, mind full of excitement.

"I have a package for you, miss." He handed it to her, and she signed the acceptance line, smiling the entire time. Ali knew what would be in the package. She thanked the mail man and went inside, where her group of friends waited around the table.

"What's in the box?" Dallas.

"Come on, Ali! Show us!" Alicia.

"Guys, give her some space." Ellis, staring at the box in Ali's hands.

Ali smiled, mysteriously.

"A snake with emerald eyes."

The other three stared.

Ali set the box on the table, and opened it up.

There was no snake in the box. There was a shoe full of jelly. Dallas, Alicia, and Ellis stared at it in puzzlement.

Ali smirked and dipped her finger into the jelly. She tasted it. It tasted of human blood! Ali smiled again, staring up at the screaming faces of her friends.

The snake with twinkling eyes seemed to laugh at them. Then it bit their necks.