The City Under the Bed

by Bertie the Redwood

What's under your bed?

There's hats

and clothes

and homework due.

There's food

and trash

and dust bunnies, too.

A maze

Of everything


old toys,

old shoes,

a rotting city of your past.

But when the sun goes down

and shadows are cast,

they come alive

like bees

in a busy hive.


We are the shadows

that slither across

your wall.

We are the monsters

that creep and crawl.

We are the little noises

that go bump

in the night.

We make little children

scream with fright!


But children forget

that once

we were friends.

We cuddled

and snuggled

until sleep stole their troubles.

But then

a quick clean-up

shoved us under the bed.

Now we're the ghouls

that whisper bad dreams

in your head.


But don't mind us,

we're nothing to fear.

You'll never be alone

as long as we're here.

Just keep your head

on your pillow,

and don't peek beneath.

We've become a bit


and grown some sharp



Good night Mom and Dad,

now tuck her in


Give her a kiss,

and tell her

"Sleep tight!"

We'll keep her

company till

morrow's light.

Don't worry

about bed bugs.

They're not such a fright.

It's the things

under your bed

that really like to bite!