A.N. - Nothing to say here. Just another of my old backlog of poems I've yet to post here.

Wrecking Ball

Sentimentality echoes against the barren walls
once holding the promise of things far above us.

But the structure is not sound.

It shakes in its foundation,
crumbles on the inside,
decays without a thought.

Neglect is a funny thing.

The damage is always done without the realization
that you're hurting what you once, and still do love.

Try as we might, we can't repair the scuffed facade,
so we lob rocks through the windows
just to mask the deeper ache within.

And one day we come back, longing for what has been,
to find the edifice wiped away, a bulldozed plot of land.
We smile amidst the tears,
for we must destroy to try again.