~When the World Comes Down~

Chapter One: Manadium Academy

Flying class, swords class and magic class are just some of the daily activities in my schedule at Manadium Academy. Saving the world isn't usually one of those activities.

Today I was in a rush, grabbing for my favourite silky blue top and my ripped denim jeans, while also grabbing the door knob at the same time. That was the first mistake of the day, I should have stayed in bed and gone to class late, I could have saved my nose, but instead I got up and dragged myself to class.

I was on my way to flying class, but while walking across the vast field I was confronted by my least favourite person, Diana Drang. Diana and I had got into many fights, but today she caught me off guard. She slammed me hard in the face with a mighty power punch. I went flying straight across the field, slamming into a brick wall.

"Getting slow, Summers," snickered Diana.

Diana Drang is a tall girl; she has black hair with purple streaks and bright yellow eyes. She is quite strong and I refer to her as the ass of the school. Just by looking at her you wouldn't be able to tell she was a werewolf. She loomed over me and lifted her hand to strike another blow; I cringed, but all of a sudden out of nowhere came an arrow and hit Diana straight in the side sending her flying. I turned to the side to see who my rescuer was, but I was not at all surprised to see my two best friends Iris Mells and Krystal Jane. Krystal is the best archer in the school; I should have guessed it was her. Iris and Krystal are always saving me from trouble. Iris rushed over to me, her blonde hair neatly tied into pigtails. Her black fiery wings were trailing behind her and her crimson eyes were full of concern.

"Gosh, are you alright, Claire? It's always you getting beaten up, isn't it?"

"I must be unlucky, I guess," I replied with a smile, which shot a white hot pain straight up my nose.

"You broke your nose again," sighed Krystal. Her side fringe was in front of her stormy grey eyes. Her dead-straight black hair flowed in the wind behind her. "Lucky you're an angel and you heal quickly," she added.

My two friends hauled me to my feet and dragged me towards the girls bathroom so I could look at myself in the mirror. My short, bright orange hair looked like a birds nest and my usually bright blue eyes were now a stormy grey colour - my eyes change to the colour grey when I am upset, frightened or angry. Blood was running down my face.

Iris waved her hands over my face and chanted a healing spell. There was a sudden crackling noise as my nose painfully snapped back into place. I washed down my face and went on to examine my wings. My wings are usually a pure white colour, but at the moment they were all bruised and muddy and a few feathers had fallen out.

I should explain the wings. I am an angel with the power to control any type of electricity including lightning and I can control things with my mind. My friend Iris is a dark witch; it is quite unusual for a dark witch to have wings but my friend is an unusual person. Iris has the power to control fire and the darkness surrounding us. Krystal has the power to transform into a cat whenever she feels like it and she can control the wind. As you've probably guessed, Manadium Academy isn't for ordinary school kids. The closest thing to a human we have at Manadium is a witch or wizard. Manadium accepts children from all supernatural species, from angels, faeries and witches to vampires, werewolves and shadow children.

Walking back from the bathrooms, I started to wonder how Claire can get into so many fights.

"Hurry up, Iris, or were going to be late" yelled Claire as she rushed across the field to flying class.

"It's amazing how she recovers so quickly even though she's an angel," commented Krystal.

As Krystal and I arrived at flying class, all the other students were lining up to get ready for takeoff. I'm usually not a sporty person, but I do love flying. Our flying instructor, Mrs Hobbin, finally arrived.

"Remember what I said last week children, warm up your wings. Bend down. Then jump cleanly off the floor and keep your wings moving!" cried Mrs Hobbin in sort of a rush, that her words seemed to join together.

By the time I started warming up my wings; Claire and Krystal were already flying around. Krystal was lucky and unlucky at the same time, she has no wings so all she has to do is use a quick levitation spell and voila! She's flying. But it's a shame she doesn't have any beautiful wings.

In the far end of the field I saw Ruby Black. She's a nice girl but too quiet for my liking. It's such a shame she's related to such an obnoxious pig; she's the cousin of Diana Drang. That's when I saw him, the hottest guy I have ever seen (and I have seen some seriously hot guys). His jet-black hair was spiked up on top of his head, he was built well and I could tell he had abs; I got a shock as he looked up and stared at me like he knew I was looking at him. His eyes were bright blue but not quite as bright as Claire's. There was a pulling sensation in my stomach then everything went black. All I remember is hitting the floor with a thud.

I heard a thud below and looked around realizing Iris was nowhere to be seen. I looked down and saw Iris lying on the grass. Her arms were out stretched and her skin was deadly pale (I thought her skin couldn't get any paler). Claire and I flew down and knelt next to Iris.

"What happened?" exclaimed Claire, panic written all over her face.

"I don't know, one minute Iris was flying next to me and staring at something or someone below us, I couldn't see anything, though. Then there was a thud below and Iris was on the floor," I cried back in a panicked tone.

The only great idea that popped into my head was CPR. I knew Claire knew what I was thinking by the way she gave me a goofy grin. Everybody started to gather around I didn't want everybody to see me give her mouth to mouth, but she could die. Claire was staring at me, just by looking into her eyes I could tell they meant "Do something, anything! Just save her!" I bent over Iris and all the other kids gasped, I bent closer and began the CPR procedure.

Then Iris's eyelids flickered and she woke up. SHIT!

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