One day you will pay.

Kiara walked towards the living area of the house, she needed to tell her father she is engaged to Timothy. Stepping into the sitting area her long dress just touched the ground when she turned around to face her father, but it wasn't her father she saw, Jen's brother whom she didn't know the name of stood in front of her looking very upset. "Hey are you alright" she said walking up to him but he stepped back, "he's here! Run!" he said sounding ridiculously insane. Kiara turned around to face her Fiancé, "we have got to get out of" Timothy said grabbing her arm and Dragging her out of there, on the way towards the door, a man that Kiara had never seen in her life stopped them, "Timothy, cousin why don't you share" he said appearing next to Kiara grabbing her by the arm, "Get away from her Mudrack" Timothy growled. All Mudrack did to reply was pull Kiara closer to him, "Poor cousin, I have already taken 2 girls away from you this century and this will be the third" He said grabbing Kiara by the waist and forced her head back placing his mouth there, opening his mouth his fangs sunk into Kiara's neck sending a venom though her not a normal venom this one made Kiara loyal to only Mudrack, "I guess I have a new travelling meal" He said biting Kiara again, this time to feed. Timothy thought to himself "One day you will pay" watching the girl he loved in his cousin's arms