AN: I know it's short but it will hopefully be the prologue to a script. Please review and any feedback is appreciated.

Background: It's the 1950's and the young Evelyn (Age 18) is suspected of the murder of the young and 'unemployed' Alasdair (Age 20).


Evelyn: You ask me; "did you know him" and "did you do it?" (Pause) your questions though don't ask for the truth. Instead they ask for what you want to hear. (Pause) what you want to hear officer is simply yes and then that's case closed. You can lock me up and throw away the key. (Pause) Am I right...Officer? (Pause) I would become the shame of society and you would do your very best to hide me from view, make people forget so they don't feel...unsafe. (Pause) you think I am dangerous don't you? (She stands up from her seat) Look at you squirming in your seat. You...are...scared.

(She sits back down in her seat and pauses to watch the detective struggle and then regain his calm. Then she moves her face closer to him) but you see the answers that I will give you are not in fact what you seek. (She pauses and then moves back in her seat, slouching) answer one: yes I may have known him. (Pause) Answer two: No I didn't commit the crime (she pauses to sigh) I am not the one you want. Sorry to disappoint you officer but the murderer or murderess is still out there. (Pause) are you scared now?

Detective 1: (Stands up from his seat and goes over to the suspect he hits her in the face. The sound makes the room shudder as she lands on the floor. The other detective stands up and restrains their partner. He allows himself to regain his stature and then sits back down). It's detective and unfortunately for you there are witnesses and evidence that show you are the murderess.

Evelyn: (she smirks a little and the effort is clearly painful) If you had everything you needed I wouldn't be here right now... detective. (Pause) you think that I was his...lover (she shivers). Urghh he was a slimy man in the end. (Pause) although he had me in the palm of his first.

Lights fade down as the scene changes to their past.