Okay, so this here is the diary of the reluctant 'saviour' of Acellevin, or however the hell you spell it, from when she first finds out she's the chosen one, to... Well, to whenever what happens happens. The chapters will be very short, which should, hopefully, mean more frequent updates. And yes, this is set in the same world as the Big Bad Books, and Blue and Raven might, if enough people beg for it, make a quick cameo.

Dear Diary,

Was out in the fields today, planting seeds, when some wierd old guy in a pointy hat turned up and started rambling on about some sort of prophesy. I told Uncle Ben and he went and got the town guards to take him away. Then we went to pick up the new horse, because the old one fell off a bridge and died. It's a good horse, strong and very sturdy. She'll be good for pulling the farming equipment. I named her duck. Duck seems like a nice name for a horse. She's really big, too, almost 18hh.

Duck's all settled in the barn now. I had to go feed the chickens after we got back, and collect the eggs. And the pigs needed to be fed, too. We need to get the really fat in time for winter.

Oh, and when we were picking up Duck, Damien from the farm down the road came to talk to me. I wasn't really listening to what he was saying, but he looked cute saying it. I think he mentioned a wizard at some point.

Well, I have to go now. It's time for dinner. We're having stew again. I like stew. Uncle Ben makes the best stew.